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Internet Assignment 1 EC400 Fundamental Electronic Commerce October 27th, 2012 Internet Assignment 1 How is the EC world influencing in small and large firms? Everyday more and more firms are getting involved in the e-commerce world and each of them organizes its information in a different way so they can satisfy their customers. I will analyze some firms and the way their information is arranged. 1. Enter http://www. bigboxx. com/default. asp? rand=0. 9165380884126727 and identify the services the company provides to its customers.What type of EC is this? What business model(s) does Big-boxx use? This company sells products that are used in the day to day activities in an office (office and school supplies). This is a business to customers (B2C) type of EC because in this model the firm sells and delivers its products directly to its customers (Khurana, n. d. ). The business model that Big-boxx uses is the distributor; in this business model the company buys products directly from a manufacturer and then resale them to both, the public in general or to retail outlets (Anderson, n. . ). Since this firm sells products in big amounts it might be possible that it sells to retail outlets as well. 2. Enter Amazon. com’s site (http://www. amazon. com/) and locate recent information in the following areas: a. Find the five top-selling books on EC. b. Find a review of one of these books and provide a summary. c. Review the customer services you can get from Amazon. com and describe the benefits you receive from shopping there. d. Review the products directory and provide a summary. a) The five top-selling books on EC were . Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife b. The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourselfc. The Racketeer d. Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot e. The Third Wheel (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 7) b) This book is about one high school student boy who is trying to find a date for the Valentine’s Day dance; his best friend does not have a date as well so it is a consolation for both of them. At the end there will be a twist in the way this guys see the world and one of them is going to be lucky at love. ) One of the most effective services that Amazon provides is the gift card, it is a card in which the buyer deposits some money and then give it as a gift so the receiver can spend that money buying in Amazon. Customers get benefits like paying with credit cards and the delivery of the product at their home. d) Amazon offers a variety of products to buy online, the most common are books but there are other types like automotive and industrial products, sports and outdoors, clothing, shoes and jewelry, toys, electronics and computers, movies, digital games and software and others. . Visit http://www. ticketmaster. com/, http://www. ticketonline. com/, and other sites that sell event tickets online. Assess the competition in online ticket selling. What services do the different sites provide? List the other sites you locate in addition to the ones listed. We can find several web pages dedicated to the selling of event tickets online, like Ticket Master, Ticket online, Super Boletos, E-Ticket, etc.They have different ways of delivering the tickets to their customers like, mailing, collected from the venue and printing at home. Ticket Master is an international company well known as the largest entertainment company in the world. Between the services that it provides we can find that they are able to cover different parts of the world. These are some of the services offered by Ticket Master: my ticket master is an account that the customer creates in order to receive the specific information about their interest making the relationship stronger. Like the following sites the customer can decide between receiving by mail the tickets, collecting them from the venue or printing them at home. Ticket Online; As the customer goes through the site he can see that Ticket Online guarantees the quick delivery of the tickets and to keep him updated about new events or some changes, also the secure booking ; providing the security to purchase tickets on the site. The methods of payment are direct debit, advance payment, credit card and pay pal. * E-Ticket follows the way of doing business of the previous sites offering to the customer the opportunity of printing the tickets, get an account to receive information about future events but the difference is that E-ticket works in a local way. SuperBoletos services includes mobile application to know about the events, the buying of the tickets is the same as the others sites having the customer the opportunity to buy them online, or via customer service, also they guarantee the security of customers information. 9. Enter www. onstar. com/us_english/jsp/index. jsp. What fleet services does OnStar provide? Do they differ from the services OnStar provides to individual car owners? This company offers the service of maintenance for vehicles that are used for business purposes.It provides a review of the five main systems of the vehicles which are engine, transmission, anti-lock brakes, emissions and airbags by sending a monthly report to the fleet manager with detailed information about the vehicle such as remaining oil gas and open recalls for example. For the individual car owners the company offers maintenance as well plus some insurance services such as automatic cash response, emergency services, hands-free calling, remotelink mobile apps, stolen vehicle assistance, roadside assistance, remote services, vehicle diagnostics and turn-by-turn navigation.It differs from the services provided for fleet because it provides additional coverage for each individual car. 10. Conduct research on small businesses and their use of the Internet for EC. Visit sites such as www. microsoft. com/smallbusiness/hub. mspx and www. uschamber. org. Also enter www. google. com or www. yahoo. com and type “small businesses + electronic commerce. ” Use your findings to write a brief report on current small business EC issues. Small business should take advantage of the services provided by the internet in order to be part of the EC world.It will be easier for companies to be known by customers and will be easier for customers to find the right company to buy from. The EC is offering nowadays a wide variety of benefits for both, clients and companies; clients can buy products online and those can be delivered at home, also they can pay with credit card and make the process faster and effective. Companies can save money by avoiding expenditures for physical things such as rent and inventory. Some of the issues that small businesses have to face when entering in the EC world are the organization and design of their website (E-Commerce Equinox, 2011).Companies might arrange their selling information in the easiest way so clients never get confused when navigating the web. Also they must be easy the way clients can purchase online. A suggestion can be to ask for client’s feedback about the purchasing process so managers can work on the weak areas of the entire proceReferences Khurana, A. (n. d. ) Types of Ecommerce. Retrieved on October 25th from: http://ecommerce. about. com/od/eCommerce-Basics/a/Types-Of-Ecommerce. htm Anderson, A. (n. d. ) Types of Business Models. Retrieved on October 25th from: http://smallbusiness. chron. om/types-business-models-79. html E-Commerce Equinox. (2011). Retrieved on October 25th from: http://smallbiztrends. com/2011/06/e-commerce-equinox. html Retrieved on October 25th from: http://www. amazon. com/ Retrieved on October 25th from: http://www. superboletos. com/principal/principal. html Retrieved on October 25th from: http://www. ticketonline. de/tickets. html? language=en Retrieved on October 25th from: http://www. ticketmaster. com. mx/ Retrieved on October 25th from: http://www. eticket. mx/ Retrieved on October 25th from: https://www. onstar. com/web/portal/home

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