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Sponsorship can help students in poorly funded schools by providing the funding needed to make improvements in the school.  School that are poorly funded usually need numerous building repairs, tend to lack computers and other technology, and are usually short of books and supplies.  These schools may also lack recreational facilities for physical education or recess.Thus, these schools are often force to turn to corporate sponsors in order to secure funding.  The funding provided by such sponsors is helpful to the students.  They need books, supplies and adequate facilities.On the other hand, corporate sponsorship also hurts these students.  “Schools that are starved for funding turn to Coca-Cola and other corporate sponsors.  Those corporate sponsors flood the schools with commercial messages, undermining teachers’ attempts to teach students to think critically about the world they live in,” (Public Education: Stop the Attacks and Fund Quality, n.d.).  Moreover, many of these sponsors provide unhealthy food and drink products in the vending machines.  Research has shown that “poor nutrition can impair neural development leading to lower IQ,” (Effects of Nutrition on Learning, 2006).Society must make an effort to provide other options for students at poorly funded schools.  Although the students benefit from sponsorship, they are harmed as well.ReferencesEffects of Nutrition on Learning (2006).  Science Daily,July 25, 2006.  Retrieved March 16, 2007, from Education: Stop the Attacks and Fund Quality Education for All (n.d.).  Retrieved March 16, 2007, from

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