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Enrolling for a Master’s degree in nursing for me is a culmination of a childhood dream to become a professional nurse.  This dream was formed from the encouragement by my father who was a nurse.  As a child, I spent a lot of time with my father, something that led me to have interest in what he was doing.So far I have learnt a lot about what nursing involves, I have become familiar with nursing code of ethics as well as nursing practices.  My focus in nursing is both long term and short term.  My immediate goal in my career pursuit is to obtain a Master’s degree in nursing education.  To achieve my immediate goal, I intend to work very hard in order to master subject content by engaging in research which is very central for professional growth and therefore contribute to the theoretical knowledge base of nursing.I intend to engage in acceptable clinical practice through showing commitment and readiness to serve.  I intend to share my knowledge with others by getting involved in instructing and teaching as a part time job.  My research work shall be published in books and magazines so as to enable other scholars to share my discoveries.  After graduation, I am going to participate in community activities in a bid to serve my community.Additionally, I intend to join the nursing professional bodies so as to share my knowledge with other professionals.  Once I am through with my Master’s education, I intend to serve in my capacity as a qualified nurse until such a time when I gain enough experience and one day become an experienced nurse anesthetist.  The above is only possible if I get a chance to study my Master’s in nursing so as to acquire the necessary skills which will enable me to serve well and excel in my nursing career.

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