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Clarence Earl Gideon was taken into custody for offense charges were mostly are burglary charges but never of violent nature. Mr. Gideon then requested for a defense attorney to be assigned to him for his misdemeanor charges but his request was declined. He was told that he was not qualified to have an attorney under the governing special situations for having such an attorney and that his trial was considered a principal case.The special situations where he is allowed to have an attorney are psychological illness, illiteracy, or young. Since Mr. Gideon is not under these circumstances, he is refused to have an attorney. This refusal of having a defense lawyer led him to embody himself at trial. He was then sentenced to serve five years and for his misdemeanor charges.During Mr. Gideon’s stay at Florida State Prison System, he filed in forma pauperis requesting the court to listen to his argument on denial for having a lawyer at trial and on denial for practicing his rights to exercise such. His writ sent to the State Supreme Court was refused again, thus, he appealed to the Federal Supreme Court. This time, his writ was not denied and there was a retrial wherein he has a defense attorney.Mr. Gideon’s retrial defense lawyer was Mr. Abe Fortas who on the latter part was chosen as Supreme Court Justice. During the retrial, it was found out that Mr. Gideon was not guilty of the charges filed against him and he was freed. The act of petition of Mr. Gideon to the Supreme Court became an eye opener to the jury and society that every individual should be entitled of an attorney even though he could not afford one. It is therefore a significant right of every person to have such chance where status quo is not the indicator or dictator of who is the most qualified to have an attorney. The sine qua non is that in every crime and each party involved should have a professional legal counsel to assist them.AnalysisThe Book Gideon’s Trumpet by Anthony Lewis speaks about a single case made more detailed and shared by the author in more understandable and less boring chronicle. As of any book concerning legal procedures, mostly are relayed unexciting because of the ennui how the story is being told. In addition, the technical terms under legal subjects made it more tedious to absorb, comprehend, and appreciate.Lewis had present to us a character here which most readers might see as poor and ill-tempered while others notice him as stubborn and eccentric. Other readers might feel sympathy to him because of the State Court denial of his rights for an attorney which violated the Fourteenth Amendment. Other readers may be proud of his courage and determination to still petition for his right for an attorney even the decision is laid down already, that is, he is sentenced to service of five years.The willpower and strength of mind to fight even to the last means a person has is a grand example of a hopeful person with strong belief in his self. With this extraordinary will, it now resulted to a milestone history in United States wherein there is a guarantee of free legal representation for anyone indicted and accused of a crime in the country in both state and federal trials.From the Gideon’s Trumpet, it has been an enlightening and learning experience because Lewis gives details in simple words how the Supreme Court functions, different theories of the Fourteenth Amendment significant to the present criminal legal procedures, and talks about the history and applications of the amicus curiae beliefs. The most inciting part of the story is the sense of justice being served satisfactorily and wisdom behind humanness and struggling in our daily real-life occurrences. OpinionIn this society we lived in, it is always a common question among individuals why attorneys defend their criminal clients even though there is the awareness that they might be guilty in doing such crime. From this, it must be recalled that American Democratic Republic Founders accepted the reality and truth that every citizen is after a fair and just society. This follows that no citizen must be imprisoned or punished until proven guilty of the crime he is charged of doing. This led to a formation of system that conducts proper and due legal process and procedures for the implementation of a just and fair jury. The very high standard procedures formed and outlined to determine legal guilt involved an in-depth critical analysis of how could this be implemented. Thus, there are terms formed like beyond a reasonable doubt or near certainty.It must be kept in mind what the Founding Father Benjamin Franklin said that “… it is better one hundred guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer (“The Ethics of Justice: Why Criminal Defense Lawyers Defend the Guilty”).” This superlative and ultimate goal of the legal procedures in uncovering the guilty one is the government’s way of declaring having a truthful and candid government. It means that there will be no convictions to be done that is based on counterfeit or forged or planted evidence, untrustworthy and dishonest witnesses, admission of the crime by the accused due to torture, or other forms of coercions and compressions amidst the fact that the accused might be guilty. Thus, if the government would try to cheat in order to incarcerate the guilty person it is no different to cheating in order to imprison a guiltless one. Without a doubt and undeniably, it is not possible to tell the difference between who is really guilty and innocent.Since we are not certain of the person being under trial, there is the need for a criminal lawyer. So, even if the criminal lawyer’s client is accountable of the crime he is being tried for or mistakenly accused of, he is still entitled to have a lawyer to prove the case with sound arguments and disputes, true evidences, and consistent and steady testimonies.The criminal defense lawyers then have an incredibly complicated and tricky responsibility that has to be accomplished. Complicated as it is, it is very stressful and emotionally struggling because they have to think that their client is not guilty and need not to know that he is guilty to avoid distraction during defense in the trial. Thus, they are not also emotionally satisfied or happy if their guilty client had gone free but it is their sole and primary duty to defend their client under due process that makes them feel gratified.These criminal defense lawyers that each individual is rightfully must have in case whenever in trial must be considered ethical heroes. They provide fervor of assurance to citizens that their sovereignty or free will is only captured to them if there is strong evidence to justify the occurrence or non-occurrence of the crime. Thus, they protect us of our rights and our life and for that reason each of us is entitled to have such whenever under trial.But if criminal defense lawyers always succeed because of the substandard performance of the prosecution or jury, the accused person is then helpless and defenseless, reliant only on their belief, and dependent on the capability of the police and prosecutors for their destiny. Therefore, the individual under trial, either guilty or not guilty, becomes powerless and the Founders’ vision is deceived. The expected fair and just society that each of us dreamed of will just be a dream forever.The right of Mr. Clarence Earl Gideon for an attorney is supported way back under the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution. It states that any accused has the constitutional right for assistance of legal counsel in all criminal hearings (“The Ethics of Justice: Why Criminal Defense Lawyers Defend the Guilty”). This also implies that the inability of a defendant to manage to pay for an attorney that it is the government’s responsibility to assign one to handle the case without expense to the defendant. In addition, the right for a legal counsel of a criminal defendant also covers from arrest to first appeal after conviction.In return, the criminal defendant also has the right to important duties and responsibilities a lawyer is expected to perform. Therefore, the lawyer must provide advices and explanations of the rights of the defendant and the anticipated ambiance at different stages of the legal process. The lawyer must also make certain that the defendant’s rights are not contravened in court proceedings or during conduct of law enforcement. He must also confer an appeal with the government in behalf of the defendant. He must also appeal from the time of accusation to sentencing, examination of facts and evidences, cross-examination of the government’s witnesses, objection of inappropriate and unacceptable questions and evidences, and presentation of any legal justifications.But there are instances when lawyer errors occur that lead to waste of an important conviction which could have won the case. Hence, the competence of the attorney as right of the defendant is also interrogated and investigated in the process. This is because there are occasions where less competent attorney is hired if the government has no apt and enough budgets for such situations. Unless the incompetence is proven in the court, the questionable intentional choices performed by the attorney lead to pitching off the case and a retrial under a more competent attorney is done.From daily news, crime scenes are numerously happening at different parts of the world. There is consequently   an increasing demand for a fair justice under due process. There is also an increasing division of rich and poor. A person also wonders if how justice could be exercised and experienced in this world. The trust in the capability of the government to maintain peace and integrity in the country is also under query.We are born free. It is our human nature to do what we want, to go where we wish to go, and to speak what we feel to speak. The earthly law and the norms set by the society control our liberated and light spirit. After breaking them, the freedom we exercised is soon to be robbed depending on the severity of our action. But some people tend to run away from it that leads to transfer of the crime to innocent people. Who would ever think this kind of circumstances could ever occur in this earthly world?The right therefore for having an attorney, especially by accused who cannot afford one and usually the sufferers of this unjust world, provides a feeling of security and power to be consecrated of proper justice. It is painful seeing the poor and innocent ones are imprisoned because of the refusal for or inability to afford an attorney who could have stood for them during the trial. Their ignorance and lack of knowledge of the criminal process often result to unjust imprisonment too.This constitutional right for a defense lawyer is really a milestone in the history of implementing justice and protecting the freedom of every citizen. The Founders have been exemplary brilliant and sensitive to the needs of this society that through time, this aspect of justice has been a crucial part of our daily living. Truly, in every crisis or dilemma, it has its own solution or ending. One could never exist without the other. This is the extremes of life, the irony of life. Through ages, revision and development of new constitutional rights will incur and evolve depending on the demands of this diverse and constantly changing world. Indeed, in this life and life ahead, many more are yet to be discovered and to be uncovered.

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