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Adolph Hitler believed that the German Aryan Race was superior to all other ethnic groups but none were considered a threat equal to that of the Jews. To Hitler, the Jew represented the unnatural and hence atheistic principle of the counter-man. From the beginning of his political career, Hitler saw the Jews as the personification of a great lie which denied the sovereignty of the laws of nature (and thus God). Again and again, Hitler associated the Jews with lying. The Jews’ “whole existence,” he maintained, was “based on a continuous lie.” (Birken 68)Hitler saw the Jews as a whole rather than a group of individuals. He considered the whole Jewish population to be liars, thieves and a danger to the wholesome goodness of the Aryan race. It was his perception of the Jews contamination of Germany on which he based his laws and the propaganda used by the Nazi’s in their attempt to eliminate the Jews.To the old notion of the Jew as usurer, Hitler (like Streicher) added the unsavory image of the Jew as pervert. But in the end, he saw both Jewish exploitation and Jewish seduction as mere tactics in the service of a far more sinister strategy. … Hitler believed, the Jews’ real problem was their fundamental lack of creativity and thus their lack of humanity. Of course, Hitler’s condemnation of the Jewish people for their cultural sterility was not a charge that could be answered by merely pointing to the number of Jews who had won this or that academic prize. He was not so much claiming that individual Jews were worthless as that the Jewish people as a whole had no national culture. “They were, Hitler told Otto Wegener, ‘a parasitic genus.'” (Birken 72,74)Through out his career “…almost all of his speeches centered around the following three themes: (1) the treason of the November criminals; (2) the rule of the Marxists must be broken; and (3) the world domination of the Jews. No matter what” (Langer 50)These beliefs, instead of dissipating, become more and more fanatical as Hitler’s power in Germany increased. He blamed the Jews, along with other ethnic and social groups, for all of Germany’s ills. (Hitler, 1939)It was not long before the Nazi party began passing legislature to begin the mass evacuation of Jews from Germany. Under Hitler’s rule, the Nazi party became a powerful and feared war machine and the Jews were its main target.In 1933, the “Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring” was passed. It established “Genetic Health Courts” which could mandate compulsory sterilization for anyone it considered “suffering from a hereditary disease. For the Nazi’s, these were anyone: suffering from epilepsy, mental retardation, mental disorders including schizophrenia, deafness, blindness, deformities and even alcoholism. Later it was further modified to include children of mixed German and African parentage. (Burleigh & Wipperman 1991)Also in 1933, the stores and business of the Jews were boycotted and the “Law for Restoration of  Professional Civil Service” banned Jews from taking or retaining any government job. This also, was later amended to include any job that could be filled by an Aryan.In 1935, Hitler and the Nazi party put into effect what they called “the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem.” This was in the form of the Nuremburg Laws and took away what little rights the Jews had left in Germany.The first law to go into effect was the “Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor.”This law pertained to interaction between Jews and Germans. It forbid marriage between the two, any relationship outside of marriage, employment of a female national of Germany by a Jew and forbid Jews to present the German colors. They were, however, encouraged to present the Jewishcolors in an attempt to identify them.The next law to go into effect was the “Reich Citizenship Law”. This law stated that all Jews, even half and one-quarter Jews, were no longer citizens of Germany but instead would be considered “subjects of the state.” This basically meant they had no rights at all; voting, civil and personal rights were all dissolved.Next came the “Law for the Protection of the Genetic Health of the German People”. This law demanded that anyone wishing to marry had to endure a medical exam and only when found disease free, would be issued a “Certificate of Fitness to Marry.” Without this certificate, one could not obtain a marriage license.In the following years, other laws further separated the Jews from the German populace and reduced them to “sub-human” status. In 1936, Jews were banned from all professional jobs, this prevented them from having a say in education, politics, higher education and industry for Germany. In 1938, goverment contracts could no longer be awarded to Jewish businesses, Aryan doctors could only treat Aryans and Jewish children were banned from the public schools. (Burleigh & Wipperman 1991)By 1939, most Jews had lost their businesses or were forced to close, leaving them financially destitute. Medical attention was scarce since it was illegal for the Jewish doctors to practice and the Aryan ones would not treat Jews.The beliefs held by Hitler, and the treatment of the Jews by the Nazi party, give a good indication of the all inclusive goal to rid Germany of the Jewish population forever. After the passing of these laws, it was not long before the shipments to the camps began. Before the war ended in 1945 Hitler and his Nazi party would have killed almost 6 million Jews.

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