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When this special occasion comes, we realize how time flies by so fast. Yesterday, we were just freshmen who were so unsure about high school life. And now, look at us, ready to conquer another step of our lives-college.But right now, let us first ponder the things that are vital to taking the next step. Have our experiences made us ready to leave high school life? Have we been effective in our endeavors? Can you consider yourself successful? Did you learn from the ups and downs of the years we stayed in our beloved high school? Can you look back to those times without feeling regret for the things you did not do?Some of us may be wishing not to leave high school because we’ve become attached to this environment and to our teachers who made a big difference in our learning. If only, that is possible. We seem to be scared by what awaits for us in the horizon. But we should be thinking about the step ahead of us, and about the new experiences and challenges to go through to be as effective as we were now. And with this, we should be guided by all those lessons we’ve learned from the past.Let these things be our foundation in whatever endeavors we wish to take when we leave this school. Do not forget the teachers who made your learning fun and worthwhile, the friends who studied with you until the wee hours in the morning, and your parents who brought cookies and lemonade to your room and dropped you to school. Do not forget this school which has seen the    best and not so best years of our lives as high school students.It is always so hard to say goodbye to something which became an integral part of your life. But who says we need to say goodbye to our beloved school? It was here, and will always be here even if each one of us goes to far places to pursue our dreams.

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