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Google Book Search is a free web database that indexes full-text versions books. It contains text from millions of books, both new and old, from publishers all over the word. With this service, one can search for keywords and then get results of the publications that contain those keywords within their texts. One feature of this service I find most useful is its ability to allow users to look at the pages within the books/publications. This feature works much like Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature, where the user can get a preview of the exact pages within the book (the number of pages that can be viewed is limited, though). Since many books—especially those whose copyrights have not yet exhausted—cannot be obtained for free, it is very useful in previewing the material so users can decide whether or not that particular book is what they need.GetCITED ( is a free online database that provides citation and publication information on various types of academic literature. Running it is something of a community effort; members continuously enter and maintain the information. The database provides the ability to search for all the available research on a particular topic on a variety of publication formats—books, journals, papers, reports, individual chapters in edited volumes, etc. It is useful when researching on a given topic—one will see not only the articles on that subject, but also information on the article’s authors, including other research and people linked to those authors.BugMeNot ( is free online service that provides access to a database of user-submitted login information (usernames and passwords) so users can bypass mandatory registration on websites. To do this, users can access the BugMeNot site; even better, BugMeNot can be downloaded as a plug-in that works for most browsers. Today, many websites require registration before you can look at their content. Examples of these kinds of sites are the The New York Times and other online sites for newspapers. Many users find this as an annoyance, could take up precious time, and could be a source of e-mail spam. BugMeNot therefore, is very useful in that it enhances productivity, protects privacy, and lessens the spam that goes to mailboxes.

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