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As the term globalization becomes a common term shared by all of humankind, people of diverse backgrounds will traverse and inhabit the whole expanse of the earth, in its every corner. In consonance with this bustle of human activity, there would be a proportionate increase in the demand for natural resources and land in order to sustain the ever growing population as part of one large ecosystem.Thus, humankind will look up to the heavens—space, as the last boundless frontier to conquer in pursuance of the goal of limitless resources to meet life’s daily needs. It is a fact and an eventuality that the nations of the Earth will exhaust all its natural resources if man will continue its activities as what it is now doing today. Hence, it is imperative that man and nations will cooperate towards achieving the end of cooperative space exploration.The exploration of the vast space frontier provides an opportunity to uncover hidden worlds where natural resources are abundant such as food, water, and especially land. Man doesn’t need to go so far deep in space to know space exploration’s benefits to humankind. Space stations provide the perfect surrounding, as scientific data had presented, to conduct experiments that reveal new cures to man’s age old sicknesses and new era diseases.Looking through an astronomer’s eyes, space exploration gives us an outlook of the dangers space can offer to our delicate planet; thus, we can implement stringent measure to avoid a catastrophe brought about by comets, UV rays, and asteroidal collisions.Given these premises, the benefits derived by space exploration outweigh the basic conception that it is costly and unessential. Cooperative space exploration brings an added advantage to peaceful and humanitarian efforts to unite the world as one. Countries working towards a common goal mean lasting peace without the scourge of war and conflict.

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