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PSYCHOANALYSIS, as described by Sigmund Freud entails a perspective of understanding an individual’s personality as a sum total of interaction between id, ego and superego. These entities form the psyche of a person, and explain the motive and reasons for behavior, character and response to issues of daily encounter.Id is the primary instinctive traits of the individual without consciousness of reality; it lies in the unconscious and seeks the goal of self-gratification. Ego is censor to the Id which develops from it, as the child grows; it creates the awareness of an existing world wherein there has to be parity between immediate gratification and realities for establishment of balance. When Id clashes with Id, neurosis may result. The highest state is the Superego; it is the conscience; and also it is unconscious.The principle established By Freud states that there an individual’s personality results from interaction between these forces. This implies that the mental function of a person is the outcome of the degree of continuous interaction amongst these inherent agents.

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