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Should TV shows be Regulated? As the development of society, the technology for producing TV shows is much better than before. And also based on the latest technology, the kinds of TV shows are many more than before. However, the authorities make some regulations on TV shows, such as, not allowing some kinds of TV shows to play at everyday. From my personal angle, I believe that the policy is not reasonable. First of all, TV shows play an important role in people’s daily lives. Trough watching TV shows with friends, we can have good communication with friends.I think this is a good idea for advancing the relationship of friends. Because of TV shows, friends have the same topic to discuss. Even though they will have some different statements over one topic, it will be not matter with their relationships. Otherwise, it is helpful for improving their bad relationships. Then, I think that the regulations should not be enforced on TV shows by the authorities. What’s more, I think that the policy is not reasonable for people’s daily lives. Because the authorities are the boss of the regulations, all of the regulations are he embody of their profits.Their angle of the regulations is not to protect people’s benefits, but to hold the benefits of themselves. Even though the purposes of regulations are good for people’s life, which is indicated by the authorities, most of the regulations work for the authorities’ profits. Thus, the regulations on TV show are not a logical thing for everyone. Finally, although the regulation is good for authorities’ profits, it’s helpful for the development of children. Because children have no ability to find out what action is right, or what is wrong.They will learn and do everything that is learned from TV shows, such as violent actions, smoking, criminal actions and so on. It’s very bad for them growing. Enforced some regulations, TV show would not play all of things to children. The TV shows would be chosen by authorities before it played on the TV, or written a logo “PG” on the shows, which means parents guide. From this angle, it’s necessary for regulating the TV shows. In conclusion, regulating all of the TV shows is not a good idea for people’s daily lives. I hold the idea that regulating some shows with bad actions, such as smoking, is good for parents and children.

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