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Storming is the process by which the team members of a certain group try to correlate with each other through the exchange of their idea. The opinions of the members of certain organizations actually drive the fact that each individual is due with the ability of saying something about a certain situation (Brown 1999 p.56). Hearing what others have to say is indeed a vital part in the aim of the members of the group as well as with the organizational administration itself to be able to attain the progress aimed by the entire organization. It is through this phase of organizational development that the group primarily aims to hear the suggestions of the people involved in the developmental progress. What they have to say is given fine recognition and is thus being noted fairly to contribute in a fine way with the advancement of the systems of the organization.However, because of the fact that the process involves opinion sharing, and everyone has something to say about everything, group members tend to get stuck in this particular phase of advancement. To avoid this particular situation and move on to the next phase [which is Norming], the group members ought to be briefed to segregate their ideas and thus suspend only those that had already been noted effective for the organization’s progress (Tuckman 1965 p.14). Through small-group collaboration procedures, this process could be considered effective as only the worthy suggestions are to be presented for group discussion thus minimizing the possible conflicts that may arise among the members of the group during collaboration duration time (Forsyth 1990 p.58). Even though other’s opinions are given high regard for organizational progress, it should still be recognized that only those that are worthy of being heard should be realized for application.

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