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Ethical Dilemma in the Medical Field: The Hippocratic Oath vs. Fraud Diana C. Riojas Arlington, Texas Ethical Dilemma in the Medical Field: The Hippocratic Oath vs. Fraud Abstract With Healthcare being one of the most regulated industries in the United States, it is still plagued by fraudulent doctors, business people, nurses etc. and defrauding the United States Government out of millions to billions of dollars. Somehow, the individuals who defraud the Government rationalize their decisions and undermine the words from the Hippocratic Oath they take when they become doctors.The newest version of the Hippocratic Oath from the currently revised Declaration of Geneva gives statements such as “I will practice my profession with conscience and dignity; The health of my patient will be my first consideration. ” The thought process of these individuals could be taken down the path of ethical relativity almost to the point of Freudian thought to better understand what makes them commit fraud despite their Oath.Another way to look at it, it could be because of the Hippocratic Oath that they decide to defraud the Government for the health of their patients. Ethical Dilemma in the Medical Field: The Hippocratic Oath vs. Fraud References Sessions, Y Samuels (2011). The Hippocratic Myth: Why Doctors Are Under Pressure to Ration Care, Practice Politics, and Compromise Their Promise to Heal. JAMA, 306(8):883-884. doi:10. 1001/jama. 2011. 1215 Casalino, P. Lawrence & Shortell, M. Stephen (2008). Health Care Reform Requires AccountableCare Systems JAMA, 300(1):95-97. doi:10. 1001/jama. 300. 1. 95 Sage, M. William (2001). The Lawyerization of Medicine. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law Volume 26, Number 5: 1179-1196 doi: 10. 1215/03616878-26-5-1179  Kalb, E. Paul (1999). Health Care Fraud and Abuse JAMA 282(12):1163- 1168. doi:10. 1001/jama. 282. 12. 1163 Geis, Gilbert, Jesilow, Paul & Pontell, Henry (1991) Fraud by Physicians Against Medicaid JAMA, 266(23):3318-3322. doi:10. 1001/jama. 1991. 03470230076033

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