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Dred Scott vs Sanford Case Notes/ Investigation http://www. pbs. org/wgbh/aia/part4/4h2933. html (1-3) http://www. pbs. org/wgbh/aia/part4/4p2932. html 1. What declaration was made by Supreme Court Justice Taney in March of 1857? declared that all blacks slaves as well as free were not and could never become citizens of the United States 2. What did Taney say about the Missouri Compromise? He said that the Compromise was unconstitional 3. What is the Missouri Compromise (google) and why did it matter? The missouri admitted missouri as a slave state and maine as a free state. he government wanted a free and a slave state to enter at one time. 4. Read the biography of Dred Scott’s life: http://www. pbs. org/wgbh/aia/part4/4p2932. html Create a timeline below, noting the significant dates. 1800 Born to Peter Blow 1863 Emerson bought him 1843 Emerson Died 1847 Dred lost the first trial due to a technicality 1850 Dred declared free 1854 Court reversed their decision 1857 Died 5. Use the info in the biography and your timeline to explain why Dred Scott thought he should be free: Because his actual master died and that him and his wife had been tried and told that they were free.But then the court reversed their descision 6. What were the two opposing sides of the case? Dred Scott:claiming that he should be free because they were in a free state. Sanford:Decided that since he was black he was not a citizen 7. Who ultimately won the case? The supreme court. But Dred Scott was bought then set free 8. What precedent was set? 9. Based on your notes, what overturned this precedent? The Fact that he was black and the justices didn’t lide him

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