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My current course of study in college is the field of Criminal Justice. After earning my degree in Criminal Justice, I plan on entering the law enforcement field in the position of a police officer. The Microsoft Office Suite programs including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook will be useful programs for my career and they will also be beneficial for my own personal usage.Many times, police officers are invited to schools and asked to do presentations for various activities such as career day or in just introducing the students to the work police officers do. As I present the information to the students verbally, I can also create a PowerPoint presentation to go along with what I tell the class. I feel this will be a useful addition in the presentation especially for those students who tend to be more visual learners.I can use Microsoft Excel for my personal budget, to show my month-to-month credits and debits and to see where my money is always going. I will most often use the addition and subtraction in assisting me with my checking account budget in Microsoft Excel.I will be using Microsoft Word in composing and saving the required police reports that need to be written up and saved for future uses. As proof of this, when one man was blogging about his brother, a police officer, he stated “What he was saying was that he, and the entire metropolitan police force, use Microsoft Word, all the police departments and stations he deals with do as well, as do all organizations he needs to interact with outside the police” (Macnaghten, 2007). Microsoft Word will be helpful for me for personal compositions and in my work as a police officer.So unlike some things we learn and oftentimes don’t use again in our personal or professional lives, I know that I will be utilizing the Microsoft Word program, PowerPoint program Excel and Outlook programs in both my personal and my professional life after I graduate.ReferenceMacnaghten, E (2007, March 03). When is a standard not a standard. Retrieved June 14,2007, from freesoftwaremagazine Web site:

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