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Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, known by his pen name, Lewis Carroll, was a man of diverse interests — in mathematics, logic, photography, art, theater, religion, science, and of course literature. Carroll’s works could be considered both gifted, and insane, by todays standards. His genius mind and twisted, nonsense way of writing allows us to travel deep into the dark unknown, influencing writing greatly. On January twenty seventh, 1832, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was born (Lewis Carroll).He lived in Daresbury, Cheshire for eleven years with his seven sisters and three brothers before his father, and Anglican clergyman, moved the Dodgson family to a rectory in Richmond Shire, North Yorkshire (Lewis Carroll). Dodgson had a strong interest in literature from the moment he first learned to read. Dodgson was born with a severe stutter, which he called his “hesitation” (“Complete Works” 44). This stutter made association with adults difficult, so he tended to befriend younger children instead (Carroll, Lewis).Dodgson created his own language of nonsense versus, and was quoted to say “A perfectly balanced mind could understand it” (Belle Moses 298). When Dodgson wasn’t creating his new language, he could be found writing poetry for his family newspaper, Mismatch (Lewis Carroll), having long, serious talks with insects and other animals he found in his back yard (Moses 274) or entertaining his family with marionette and magic shows (Lewis Carroll). Dodgson was home schooled until the age of twelve (Woolf).Both of Dodgsons parents were involved with the home schooling of all of the Dodgson children (Woolf). On August first, 1844, Dodgson was sent to a boarding school 10 miles from his house, called Richmond School, Yorkshire (Woolf). Richmond headmaster, James Tate II, and Dodgson grew close during his time at Richmond, and it’s said that they kept in touch for many years afterwards (Woolf). Mr. Tate once told Dodgsons parents that he thought Dodgson possessed “a very uncommon share of genius” (Woolf).After his time at Richmond, Dodgson attended the large public school of Rugby, in 1846 (Lewis Carroll). He was evidently less happy at Rugby, for many years after he left, he wrote “I cannot say … that any earthly considerations would induce me to go through my three years again … I can honestly say that if I could have been … secure from annoyance at night, the hardships of the daily life would have been comparative trifles to bear” (Leach). Dodgson stayed at Rugby for 3 years, before returning home in 1849 (Woolf).He did outstanding work in both of his schools, and particularly excelled in mathematics (Moses 352). After two years of being home, Dodgson went to his fathers old college, The Christ Curch, Oxford, on January twenty forth, 1851 (Moses 1248). He had only been at Oxford for two days before receiving summons home (Moses 1249). In 1856, Dodgson took up the new art of photography (Carroll, Lewis). He enjoyed photographing young girls, occasionally in the nude. He only did this if the child was completely at ease with it, and if the mother gave permission (About Lewis Carroll).He made sure that after his death, all of these pictures would be either burned, or returned to the mothers (About Lewis Carroll). It should also be noted that all Victorian artists did studies of child-nudes, for it was a “trendy” subject during that time period (About Lewis Carroll). Dodgsons photos are still considered remarkable by today’s standards (Carroll, Lewis). He has many famous and well known photos, the most famous being of Alice Lindell pretending to be a beggar girl (About Lewis Carroll).Dodgson stopped photographing in 1880 for unknown reasons, but most likely so he could focus on his writing (About Lewis Carroll). Dodgsons most famous work is by far, “Alice in Wonderland”. If Dodgson had written nothing but “Alice in Wonderland”, it would have been more than enough to make him famous. Belle Moses said he “Discovered a new country, simply by rowing up and down a river… It isn’t everyone who can discover a country, people it with marvelous, fanciful shapes, and give it a place in our mental geography.But Lewis Carroll was not “everyone”… he had the magic power of creating something out of nothing, and gave to eager children… something to think about, to guess about, and to talk about. ” Alice in Wonderland was created on July forth, 1862 (Moses 84). Dodgson was on a boating trip with his friend reverend Canon Duckworth, and the sisters Alice, Lorina, and Edith Liddell (About Lewis Carroll). The young children begged Dodgson to tell them a story, and Alice requested one with “lots of nonsense” (Moses 85).Perhaps a white rabbit did run by, or maybe the real Alice really did fall asleep, we may never know. But when the oldest sister, Lorina, said “Begin it! ” the story began (Moses 85). In an article in the New York Times on April forth, 1928, Alice Lindell later said “The begining of Alice was told to me one summer afternoon, when the sun was so hot we landed in the meadows down the river, deserting the boat to take refuge in the only bit of shade to be found, which was under a newly made hayrick. Here from all three of us, my sisters and myself, came the old petition, ‘Tell us a story’ and Mr.Dodgson began it. Sometimes to tease us, Mr. Dodgson would stop and say suddenly, ‘That’s all till next time. ‘ ‘Oh,’ we would cry, ‘it’s not bedtime already! ‘ and he would go on. Another time the story would begin in the boat and Mr. Dodgson would pretend to fall asleep in the middle, to our great dismay. ” (About Lewis Carroll). After Dodgson had finished the story, Alice asked him to write it down for her (Driscoll-Woodford). According to Duckworth, who was on the trip with them, Dodgson sat up all night and sketched an initial outline (About Lewis Carroll).He called his original copy “Alices Adventures Under Ground” (About Lewis Carroll). Dodgson gave the manuscript to Alice as a Christmas gift on November twenty sixth, 1864 (Driscoll-Woodford). The stories first edition, whos name was changed to “Alices Adventures in Wonderland”, was published on July Forth, 1865, exactly 3 years after the story was origionally told (About Lewis Carroll). “Alice in Wonderland” has sense been translated into over 125 languages, and it has made Dodgson the most quoted author, with the exception of Shakespeare, the Bible, and the Koran ( Driscoll-Woodford).Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson died on January fourteenth, 1898, at his sister’s home. His obituary was published in the Times of London on January fifteenth, 1898. He is buried with many of his siblings at the Mount cemetery, in Guildford, Surrey, England. His epitaph reads “Where I am there shall also my servant be”. His posthumous publications include “Isa’s Visit to Oxford” in 1899, “Rectory Umbrella” in 1932, and “Mischmasch” in 1932. His nephew, Stuart Dodgson Collingwood, published “The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll” in 1898.Read more at Suite101: The School Days of Lewis Carroll: The Unusual Education of the Author of Alice in Wonderland | Suite101. com http://suite101. com/article/the-school-days-of-lewis-carroll-a180276#ixzz26MDRPjHs . He was happiest in the company of children for whom he created puzzles, clever games, and charming letters. And of course, he also told them stories. He took the first two parts of his name, Charles Lutwidge, and translated them into Latin: Carolus Ludovicus. He then reversed their order: Ludovicus Carolus, and then loosely translated them back into English: Lewis Carroll.He actually supplied his first publisher with a short list of possible pen names, and it was the publisher who selected “Lewis Carroll” from the list http://www. lewiscarroll. org/faq/     http://www. victorianweb. org/authors/carroll/aiwl5. html http://iheartclassics. tumblr. com/post/2961527036/13-strange-lewis-carroll-facts-you-never-knew http://www. alice-in-wonderland. net/alice1e. html http://www. alice-in-wonderland. net/alice1d. html Jack the Ripper? http://www. smithsonianmag. com/arts-culture/Lewis-Carrolls-Shifting-Reputation. html? c=y&page=2

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