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Berkeley’s idealism is something similar to life in Matrix, but humans aren’t provided with computers to control experiences and actions in the real world. Berkeley believes that our world is the world of ideas. And, therefore, his philosophy is defined as idealism. Berkeley says that ideas are simply images that we see and sounds that we hear. Ideas are objects of perceptions defined as items existing in human minds being perceived directly. Further, Berkley assumes that ideas are something that happens in the real world in everyday life. He means that humans have perceptions of images in their minds and images create the world. Berkeley says that all ideas are properly coordinated by god, not by some artificial intelligence as some philosophers believe. He denies idea that artificial intelligence uses human bodies making them serve some implausible purpose.Berkeley’s idealism is also based on idea that it is God who created the universe in such a way that there are things which humans perceive through senses. Berkeley adds that objects exist in human minds and they are real. He considers universe as worthwhile as it illustrates the way the world looks like. Berkeley believes that our world is the world of ideas, and the world is created by God solely. The trees, clouds, sun, trains and human bodies are also created by God and they, indeed, are real. However, they depend on human minds existing in them and delivering existence from the great mind of God.Berkeley’s views on idealism are commonsense view of the world. He argues that things are perceived and, therefore, they do exist, but they are dependent from human perception as the God perceives and organizes all ideas transferring them to human experiences. Summing up, the central idea of Berkeley’s idealism is that if humans believe things to be true, they exist.

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