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Being a teenager can be very difficult, I know. Everything is thrust at you all at once: first relationships, behavioral changes, new opportunities and especially different styles of clothing and different beliefs. Although you may strongly believe in one certain style of life perhaps indie-ghetto gone hipster but sometimes you may have to change/ town down when in certain environments. Toning down, or changing just for one event doesn’t mean that the world is trying to change your personality.Formal situations, by far, are the hardest to know how to act in. Having many sophisticated, elderly people around you can be very pressurizing no matter how old you may be. It means that you have to dress, act and speak in a certain manner (that fits your environment). You obviously wouldn’t go to your dad’s work dinner dressed in harem pants. Being in unusual situations means that you have to dress unusually. It also means that you have to act, speak and hold yourself in a more mature manner than you normally would. You should wear formal dresses, suits or any other dress clothes.You should behave in a manner that not only makes you seem as if you belong, but makes your family seem like the civilized human beings they are. If you have many tattoos a recommendation would be to wear long- sleeved shirts/ dresses to cover up as many of the tattoos as possible (especially if they are rude). Living in restricted/ Muslim countries can be very difficult for many people. Since they are somebody’s religious views and thoughts, it is necessary that they are followed or else, it could lead to punishments and certain number of days in prison (depending or where in the world you are).Usually, it requires wearing clothing that is knee length and covers the shoulders. Although this is the case in some places, others may require the wearing of the national Arabic dress (abaya). Since affection is a rather touchy subject, it is best avoided in public, especially crowded areas. It may sound horrible, but it is important to respect the wants and needs of the country that is letting you stay. As well as respective clothing, it is important to meet the needs of their food requirements. In the holy month of Ramadan, no food is permitted to be eaten in public, as people will be on their holy fasts.Also, pork (pig meat) is considered haram (crime) so should only be eaten at home and is sold very scarcely. Mosques are another thing you may need to respect. If you intend on going in, it is important that you have your head covered (as it is religiously respectful). Another time you need to dress different to normal is at school. When at school, you have to be extremely civilized and remember your manners. You need to behave as you would in a posh place. You must respect your elders, and most of all dress respectfully.School is quite a serious place where you go to learn. If you have uniform, wear it as it is supposed to be worn, if you have no uniform, make sure you dress with respect towards your school’s code. If they say that you must have your hair tied up, then follow the rules because, after all it is only there for your good. Don’t go over the top with piercings, tattoos or hair color, as school is not a party. I’m not trying to be mean, but it is important that you understand that school is a consequential matter. School is one of the building blocks to the rest of your life.How you behave at school will reflect in the rest of your entire life. I know your maths teacher is about eighty years old and is balding so badly that it could never have been stopped in the first place but just bear it out- it’s only for 6 years. As well as dressing for different situations, it is important that you wear what you also feel confident with. It may be obvious for some cases, but in some, it is really hard to tell what to wear and how to act. I hope that this article gives you a little insight on behaving, dressing and different cultures and social situations.

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