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Environmental protection as a crucial problem of today For decades we have been busy with the invention of latest technologies to make life easier for us. Unfortunately, in the endeavor to make life more luxurious, we have neglected a serious problem closing in on us. Some hundreds of years ago people lived in harmony with nature, because industry was not much developed. Today, however, the contradictions between man and nature are dramatic. The twenty first century’ is a century of the scientific and technological progress.

The achievements of the mankind in mechanization and automation of industrial processes, in chemical industry and conquering outer space, in the creation of atomic power stations and ships are amazing. But at the same time, this progress gave birth to a very serious problem -? the problem Of environment. Starting from rapid deforestation to global warming, from worldwide floods to extinction of different life forms on the earth, the list of environmental problems is endless. Environmental tribulations have become a major concern to environmentalists all over the world today.

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It is therefore high time to gear up and take necessary steps. If we don’t do something to protect our environment, soon the earth will turn to a desert, inapt for life. Environmental protection is the main problem facing humanity nowadays. The e image of a sick planet has become firmly established in the public mind lately. But it goes without sayings that more and more people began to worry about the environment, climate change, pollution, global warming, acid rains, etc. So, they started to create various unions and association of protection to combat his entire problem and change this situation for better.

We all are putting an enormous strength to the protection and preservation of our planet and the environment. But is it enough? And is it right ways for saving and protecting? In my opinion, no because the majority of our population just ignore the fact of this disaster. And if we are unable to learn to use the environment carefully and protect it from damage caused by man’s activities, we’ll need to teach our children how to do it. We must to fill in this gap and teach them how to behave with our planet.

In turn, our children teach their children, and their children will teach their own. As grown adults, it is your responsibility to pass on the message of simple ways to save the environment, and instill it in kids, until their old enough to take on the initiative alone. It is important to teach them how to get rid of waste.

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