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Environmental pollution is one of the most dangerous things in our day to day life. This environmental pollution is mainly caused by people. Environmental pollution can be air pollution, land pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. Littering causes land pollution, rubbish tipping into the water causes water pollution, factory pouring out smoke causes air pollution and loud sounds cause noise pollution. These are causing life-threatening sissies and illnesses.

Environmental pollution not only affects us humans but also the land and marine animals. When we tip rubbish into the water or the land it pollutes the precious water and our beautiful environment and so more types of land and marine animals are becoming extinct. How can we prevent it? We can prevent our wonderful Earth going to a waste by reducing, reusing and recycling, using less vehicles and you can also save the earth by sing renewable sources of energy like solar panels and hydro-electricity.

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Because the fuel burning can hurt the air and we, ourselves get sick. So, we the children of the future generation need to help the environment grow without losing its power and conserve it for the future, so we will have a better, healthier and a really fit life in the future!!!

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