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Pollution most Filipino is becoming increasingly aware of the condition there is growing alarm over air, water, land, and noise pollution. Ref: Author: Fee B. Gap, Sanchez, Custodial Book Title: Contemporary social problems and issues. Publisher: N. B. S @ 1 997 page: 181 “Introduction” In the broadest sense, environment is the surrounding in which living things grows, reproduces, and dies, environmental includes the earth, the water, the air and all factors that help or hurt a living things chance of surviving.

The condition of the environmental helps determine if food is available whether a paving things will live long enough to reproduce and whether it will be able to produce healthy young human beings have made many changes in the environmental they have cut down forest and planted crops in the environment they have cut down in their place they have hunted some animals and learned to raise others. Human Inventions have put smoke and dangerous chemicals into the air have polluted lakes and streams.

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And have worn out of damage part of the earth. These human causes environmental problems have endangered not only humans but also most other living creatures. Environmentalists are people who have become concerned about such problems. They are looking for ways in which humans can live and prosper without harming the environmental for future generation. (Brenna, 2006) page. 122 Author: Mathew J Brenna Book Title: The New Book of Knowledge Copyright: 2006 by Scholastic library publishing, Inc. “What is pollution? Pollution is defined as the alteration of our surroundings, wholly or largely as a by- product of man’s action, through direct or indirect effect of changes in every pattern, radiation levels, chemical and physical constitution and abundance of organism pollution as used here will mean, the presence in air ND water of pollution in greater quantity than what is normally contained in this elements pollutants in a scene, come from man-made source and, generally effect air and water in large amounts. Sanchez and Gap, 1997 – 181) “History’ History says that even in the early years of this Century typhoid fever and other enteric diseases were major causes of death, with many epidemics traced-producing viruses and bacteria paratyphoid and salmonella. In the letter half of the 20th Century we are still dumping enormous amount of untreated human wasted into our water ways, as a result, shellfish has come a carrier of hepatitis aquatic borne viral diseases of unknown source have increased and water of many beaches have been declared unsafe.

Raw human health, contributes to direct, disruption of the environment when discharged into ponds, lakes and water ways, nitrogen and phosphates from water increases the nutrients of the water this is turn results in the growth of vast number of minutes, aquatic plant’s principally algae and phytoplankton eventually the increase of the plants produce a conditions termed transportation. The ecological process of enrichment and aging of water bodies. The White House, Novo. 965) Air Pollution Air pollution come from four main sources transportation power generation industry, and waste incineration Of these, the biggest contributor to air pollution transportation particularly motor vehicle, motor vehicle emit carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons. Nitrogen oxides, photochemical oxidants, industry release sulfur dioxide particulates, nitrogen oxide particulates nitrogen oxides, and photochemical oxidants. (Brenna, 2006) Page. 1 22 Water Pollution The pollution we dump into our water and to the land is as varied as those intruded into the atmosphere.

There have been dramatic examples of what can happen when water is severely polluted by petroleum leakage. Solid Waste Pollution Another pollution problem that confronts, the Philippines, today is the accumulation of Solid Waste. These maybe refuse such as garbage’s, rubbish or trash and ashes or junks and other things man throws away anywhere. Dumped trashes. Lead pollution Sources most causes of lead poisoning occur among children who eat chips of lead containing paint that of the ceilings and walls of deteriorated houses. Ad points are widely used for home interiors and in many city slums. Where buildings have been poorly kept, 15 percent to 20 percent of children between ages of one to five, show evidence of lead poisoning. Noise pollution Noise is an environmental pollutant which is the least known and the least publicized. It is any loud and unpleasant sound in a modern-day urban setting such metro manila. Noise is every. Veered in our home offices factories, restaurant and trees.

It has multiplied itself to such a degree that it produces discomfort annoyance and even conflict between passengers drivers who switch on their radios or stereos sets extremely loud. Following suggestion on how we can control Air Pollution” 1. Traffic rules and regulations should be raised. 2. Fuel used in industry and motor vehicle should contain less sulfur and lead. 3. Toxic gases and other pollution in factories, power and industrial plants must be controlled by the used of devised likes precipitation, scrubbers, cyclones after burners, absorber and etc. . Efficient incineration and sanity hand fill should be used as community refuse disposal method. 5. Ordinances on proper refuse collections and disposal should be strictly enforced and new regulation enacted if necessary. Device are presently being developed to remove the solid particle and undesirable gases from automobile exhausts and garbage’s result in unsanitary surrounding these things attacks disease carrying insects. Il- Effects “Effects of Environmental Pollution” The important problem in air pollution is its effects upon health. 1 .

Pollution can cause or worsen bronchitis gastroenteritis and colitis, flu, tuberculosis and pneumonia the five leading killer disease of the Philippines not to mention asthma and other respiratory diseases. 2. General discomfort like eye-irritation, difficulty in breathing and increase re also brought about air pollution. 3. Mental performances of individuals can be dulled and their reaction showed making them more prone to accidents. 4. Pollution diminish working efficiency and productivity of workers and this effects the economy of the country and even of the World as a whole IV- Solution A.

Control of Air Pollution There are three basics approaches to the control of air pollution preventive measures, such as changing the raw materials used industry or the ingredients of fuel, dispersal measured, such as raising the heights of smoke takes, and the collection measured such as designing equipment to trap Laotians before they escape into the atmosphere nearly all the highly industrialized countries, the World some from type of legislation to prevent and control air pollution.

One difficulty is that pollutants may be carried by the wind from one country to other, often of distance of thousands of miles, the death of lakes in the united States. Acids produced in Portrait and France has cause damage in Sweden. In the United States control of air pollution is chiefly the responsibility of the States and local government all the States have air quality management orgasm which are patterned after Federal Laws. The basics federal law dealing, with air pollution is the clean air act of 1970.

The act was last amended in 1990, under this law the Federal Environment Protection set standards for air quality the Agency also place limits on the amounts, of pollutant that could be given off by cars. Factories and other sources of pollutant’s the states and industries were expected to develop and carry our plants to meet this standards, some of the federal deadline could not be meet, and they were extended several times. “Pollution Environmental”

Environmental Pollution is any discharge of material or energy, into water, land or air that causes or may cause acute (short term) or chronic (long term) detriment to the earth’s ecological balance or that lower the quality of life pollutant may cause primary damage, with direct identifiable impact on the environment, or secondary in the form of minor perturbations in the delicate balance of the biological food web that are detectable only over long time periods.

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