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World Vision is an International partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed in order to promote human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God. The organization is a Non- Governmental Organization.

The research was conducted to investigate the need for introducing environmental protection programs for World Vision Zanzibar Head Office staff. Environmental management focuses on the solution of the practical robbers that humans encounter in cohabitation with nature, exploitation Of resources and the production of waste.

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Participants in the process of environmental management fall into several groups for example government organizations at local, regional and international levels, research institutions such as universities, academies and national laboratories, bodies charged with the enforcement of regulations such as Environmental Protection Agencies, businesses of all sizes and multi-national corporations, international financial institutions, environmental non-governmental organizations, representatives of the users of the environment including tribes, fishermen and hunters.

Due to several factors which include climate change, environmental impact has become an increasingly important issue across the globe. Non-governmental organizations are not an exception. Environmental management has been the preserve of governments and profit-making organizations. In this chapter, the researcher looked at background of the study, statement of the problem and assessed the impact of activities on the environment and looked at possible ways of managing the environment. 1.

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY World Vision Head Office is located along Amazon Road in a low density area in Mount Pleasant The organization has three major interventions mainly Advocacy, Transformational Development and Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs. The organization structure is composed of Human Resources Department, Finance and Administration Department, Sponsorship Department, Public Relations and Marketing department. World Vision was established in Zanzibar in 1 979 and was registered as a Non-governmental organization in the same year.

It was operating on a very small scale then tit a small staff complement and few departments. The transformational department focuses on longer term projects in Zombie’s remotest areas building schools, clinics, dams, irrigation schemes among other interventions. The Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs section focuses on providing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable groups of people in times of drought or famines and all the ten provinces in the country are covered. This involves food aid, clean and safe water and sanitation services to schools, clinics, villages and homesteads in the remotest parts of the country and agriculture.

The Advocacy section deals with children’s rights, gender enhancement, Christian commitment and other basic human rights that may affect the people of Zanzibar. World Vision also covers all the 10 provinces in the country. The services above required World Vision to have an in-country Head Office also called the World Vision Zanzibar National Office. The office complex composes of 2 adjacent stands, one housing the Head Office staff and the other being used for storage of commodities and stocks and car parking. The Public Relations and Marketing department is the one which deals with the public and regulatory agencies.

From the year 2003, the organization scaled up its activities after securing funding from its major donors which are World Vision Australia, World Vision United States of America and World Vision Germany. The organization also gets funding from countries like Canada, Hong Kong United Kingdom, and others. Because Of the growth, the organization opened a Sub-Office in Bylaws hence established two regions which are Northern Region and Southern Region. The organization operates in what are called Area Development Programs (Adapt) and there are 12 Adapt in the Northern Region and 13 Adapt in the Southern Region.

All the three interventions mentioned above which are Advocacy, Transformational Development and Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs are implemented in both regions and aid depends on areas of priority. As an international organization, funds continued to flow and the organization grew bigger and the staff compliment increased. The severe droughts that have been perennial in our country and the decline in the economic sector saw NAGS scaling up in Zanzibar. 1. 2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM To what extent do activities carried out at World Vision Zanzibar Head Office impact on the environment, staff and neighborhood? Significance OF THE PROBLEM The researcher evaluated the concerns raised by neighbors and staff regarding the activities carried out at the Head Office. An Environmental Management System (MS) serves as a tool to improve environmental performance as an organization demonstrates its commitment to achieving legal and regulatory compliance to regulators and government. Staff should understand their positive contribution towards a safe working environment. The department of Finance and Administration deals with regulatory agencies to a certain extent.

Risk and Compliance is a sub-section of the Finance and Administration department whose sole mandate is to ensure the organization adheres to its internal controls as well as regulatory obligations. The Risk and Compliance section focuses mainly on enforcing internal controls for example, minimizing risk on fraud, minimizing cost of doing business by implementing cost cutting measures, adhering to deadlines for regulatory agencies like Zanzibar Revenue Authority, National Social Security Authority, Local Government and other corporate.

Comparing with other Non- Governmental Organizations, the researcher found out that organizations are increasingly carrying out environmental management programs at their places of work. These are still at a low scale for example, working towards a paperless office, energy saver lights, and furniture or equipment that reduces noise. However, even though these initiatives reduce environmental impact, Non-Governmental Organizations carry them out to reduce costs rather than to manage the environment. Hence the need for most Nags to start initiating such programs in the work place.

There are some Nags that are in the business of protecting the environment. These are different from the Nags stated above. This group of Nags is more like advocates for environmental management. However, even within their workplaces, staff are educated and trained to review other companies, individuals and organizations against harming the environment but this practice may not be practical at their work places. It is against this background that the researcher decided to undertake this study at a local MONGO.

Being an employee and having heard complaints from other employees and the neighborhood about the effects of activities carried out on the environment, the researcher developed a keen interest to assess how the activities affected the environment. Environmental management is not just the management of the environment as such, but rather the management of interaction by the modern human societies with, and impact upon the environment. Though the organization is a non- governmental organization, issues to do with the environment and its protection have not been explored.

According of late, environmental impact is becoming an increasingly important issue across the globe, with pressure to minimize that impact coming from a number of sources: local and national governments, regulators, trade associations, customers, employees and shareholders. Social pressures are also building up from the growing array of interested parties, such as consumers, environmental and minority non- governmental organizations (Nags), academia and neighbors. Waste of resources and creation of pollution are normally indications of areas for significant improvement.

All of the Environmental Management System standards stress the need for continuous, never ending, improvement in striving to protect the environment, not only for ourselves but for future generations to come. Environmental management system refers to the management of an organization’s environmental programs in a impressive, systematic, planned and documented manner. It includes the organizational structure, planning and resources for developing implementing and maintaining policy for environmental protection.

The problem at World Vision arose in 2005 when the organization began to scale up its humanitarian activities. This involved receiving many goods from overseas donors mostly in containers, food for Vulnerable Group Feeding and other goods for donation in Adapt. Contract workers were employed on a daily basis for loading and off-loading items from trucks and containers. This awe an increase in staff numbers, an increase in donations from well-wishers all over the world especially World Vision United States which is the major donor for World Vision Zanzibar.

Truckloads full of donated materials would throng the office premises and a lot of casual laborers would idle around the office premises in anticipation of getting employed. With the head offices housed in a residential area, which is generally quiet, the noises produced by the trucks and the fumes emitted into the air by the cranes were some of the factors that contributed to the complaints by neighbors. Cranes are used to offload containers full of heavy items like books, clothes, farming equipment, food and carpentry equipment among other various items.

Security concerns were raised as the low density area suddenly became a busy area. It became even difficult for World Vision staff to work whilst the cranes made noise outside. Environmental degradation began to take place also as heavy trucks destroyed the small road leading to the office from the main road. The warehouse also became overwhelmed due to the bulk items coming on a daily basis prompting the office to rent additional premises for warehousing some of the goods and items received.

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