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Canada has many rivers, some of which flow into the ocean. But clean water in Canada is still not abundant. Climate change, problems with fossil fuels and contamination make it harder to have pure water for normal use. One way to solve this problem is to stop using chemicals for agricultural use, and instead use natural ways to cure plants and kill bugs. The water with chemicals contaminates the groundwater and streams. The big industries should have analyses if they drop chemicals or wastewater in rivers, streams or the sea.

The underground resources ass suffer as farmer get water from there. If they would use water from rivers before using the underground water, the aquifers would last longer. Canada could find a way to desalinate water so we don’t use all the clean water resources. One big issue on land is the forests. People need trees for many things, so they cut them, and the trees are slowly disappearing. There are several ways to preserve forests, and some of them are already being implemented.

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The programs of reforestation work replanting trees so that they can still be important sources for us. Another solution, similar to the one before, is to plant trees. If each person that cuts a tree then plants another one, the problem wouldn’t be that serious. Educating the people about the importance of trees and land, and giving them access to others way to get resources would also make a big difference in solving the problem with the trees. Canada uses coal for heating and for energy.

But the emissions that come from the coal are greatly contaminating ins they contribute to the widening hole in the ozone layer. The carbon emissions from fossil fuels are also a big part on the contamination. A way to solve this is to have alternative energy devices that work with the energy of the environment. In windy areas Canada could put windmills, and solar panels that can heat the water for other areas. Big companies and factories could be required to have them as main sources of energy, and the uses of fossil fuels would decrease. People can also be educated about this.

Taking horn showers, walking or using a bike instead of the car, using less gas in the car, having their own organic garden, between others, are important ways to help with the environment. As we see, there are still things to do to stop the problems of the environment. Canada as a country is very responsible for what is happening, and it has many ways to change this. But we also are responsible as stewards of the Earth and we have to do our part in helping our home planet to be better and last longer, not only for us, but for our children that will come after us.

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