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This is just the start, we may encounter worst. Millions of lives were lost, billions of properties were destroyed and trillions Of people were greatly affected. Will we sit down and wait for the end of everything? Or will we start to care for our environment and see a brighter tomorrow? The most common environmental issues today here in the Philippines is illegal logging and lack of waste management system. Last 3 years up to December of 201 1, many regions sunk, affecting millions of Filipinos.

Environmentalist says that it’s because of the non-stop cutting of trees that made the situation worst. Due to illegal logging, there are no longer trees to stop the water from mountains giving way to the water to go down directly to the towns and provinces. The floods today are beyond extraordinary not like years ago, it destroys everything that may come in its way. Due to lack of waste management system many people suffers from diseases that comes room waste in the environment.

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People throw their garbage in the rivers, canals and everywhere. Some, they burn their plastic garbage and other non- biodegradable waste that causes our ozone layer thin that results in global warming. We, humans are not the only victims of our fault but most of all the wild lives living in the forest; we are not only putting them in great danger but also in extinction. We could still stop the earth’s death. Let us hand and hand plant trees in our mountains, forest or even in our backyards.

Trees are the solution to our environmental issues today. It will not only help in stopping floods but it will also clean the pollutions and cool down the temperature. It will also bring life back to normal years past. In our waste management we should minimize using plastics to help clean our surroundings and the government should make programs like putting trash cans in public places. And every Filipinos should learn waste management system and learn to protect our Mother Nature.

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