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So here we would discuss some of these environmental problems, their causes and effects. More about Environmental problems Air Pollution- Air Pollution is one of the problems that seem to have no solution at all. Air carries contaminants like poisonous gases and dust particles which when inhaled lead to a number of lung disorders. The sources of air pollution are innumerable which are as follows: o Industries o Agriculture o Traffic As all of these causes consist of one or the other process of combustion hey emit gases that pollute the atmospheric air.

Here can be large-scale pollutants like the Volatile Organic Compounds as well as minor dust particles. Nitrogen emissions come out mainly from agriculture mainly during the process of identification. The pesticides used for agricultural purposes can also be a cause of Air Pollution. Air Pollution can cause many heart and lung disorders like Bronchitis, Lung Cancer and diseases of the like. Acid Rain- Acid rain is caused by the numerous acidic pollutants, which have attention to damage earth’s environment in a drastic way.

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Acid rain is caused due to the presence of chemicals like Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides in the atmosphere. These chemicals are introduced in the atmosphere as a result of the industrial processes. Sulfur Dioxide is emitted out of those industries that use coal as their fuel. Automobiles all around the world emit one third of the nitrogen oxide that is present in the atmosphere of earth. Natural causes like fire, volcanic eruptions and bacterial decomposition are also responsible for the increase in the amount of Nitrogen Oxide in the atmospheric air.

Acid rain chokes the pores in the plant leaves, which leads to the death of plants and a large number of plants in a short span of time. The brick walls and stones are also corroded and the soil composition is changed leading to the death of plants again. Acid rain also leads to the destruction of aquatic life. Global Warming- Global warming which leads to the Greenhouse effect is also a kind Of environmental problem that is due to overpopulation and pollution.

Large number of people are creating grater amount of garbage. Emissions form your refrigerator and also from the industries produce a large amount of heat, which fails to go out of the earth’s atmosphere unlike before when earth radiated out half of the heat back. This is leading towards climate change, rise in sea levels due to melting of glaciers and consequently a threat that some of the landmass might just go beneath the increasing water and therefore cease to exist.

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