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A rising population and growing economies are putting substantial stress on resources. Pollution is increasingly a concern. 4. Biodiversity and Land Use?Biodiversity preserves our food chain and the ecosystems on which all life depends. A key factor in the decline of biodiversity is habitat loss. Many companies face pressure about their contribution to sprawl, yet all humans are guilty Of contributing to this problem. 5. Chemicals, Toxic, and Hoax,y Metals?Part of what makes air elution – and all forms of pollution – more dangerous is the presence of toxic elements.

The legal liability surrounding toxins can turn out to be virtually unlimited. 6. Air Pollution?Significant air-quality controls on factories, cars and other emissions sources have radically reduced air pollution levels over the past AD years in the united States, Japan and Europe. But the air is still not clean in many places. 7. Waste Management?The EPA estimates that the 1,200 Superfine sites across the country will require about 200 billion to clean up over the next 30 years.

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Ender the liability provisions of the Superfine law, anyone found responsible for the waste at a site can be held liable for the full cost of cleanup, even if the toxins were disposed of legally at the time. 8. Oceans and Fisheries?More than 75 percent of the world’s fisheries are over-exploited and beyond sustainability. For those whose livelihoods that depend on fishing, recreation and tourism, the effect of declining fisheries may be severe.

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