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The rainforest’s destruction has been greatly disturbing to the indigenous people. Their cultures and traditions have been forgotten, due to the relying of the City life. Therefore, city life would be enhanced greatly, crushing and disrupting the old traditions. Without traditional foods and methods to sustain food, indigenous people have to integrate with mainstream societies. Once the rainforest’s have been logged, settles would greatly claim for the logged land.

Due to the activity or agriculture and mining and other activities, oil erosion would be the result. The claim for the remaining lands would be much greater, and the greater settlement would result in much greater devastating effects. For instant, the water would be pollution, and thus the land would be polluted. The increasing affects of city life would destroy wildlife. Which results, in the remaining animals being extent. Due to continuous build up Of cities, there would be greater exterminations in animals and thus greater deforestation.

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This continuous effect would eventually spread up to the main rainforest’s which provide the main raw supplies and food. The wood amount would gradually reduce, and there would be greater demand in the supply of the raw materials, which would thus bring devastating effects in the future. The solution for this continuous effect, is to have a well planned nature plans. Without the law that are rampant which would be flouting. The government being dormant while all these destructions are taking place, must be put to an end.

The unity of the entries government and the unity of the citizens are vital. So lets all join hands for the protection of the wild life. It is quite anguishing to think the hardships of the indigenous people, the survival of them. And the invasion of the city life being a threat to them. Their cultures and traditions which have been built so far have been eventually destroyed. The invasion of the city life is not a benefit, but a disadvantage. Our forefathers have been trying to conserve the raw materials, and mainly the non-renewable resources.

But the over-demand of the raw materials and the great wastage of the materials have been greatly destructive. It jeopardizes the natural way of life. The wildlife too have been destroyed. The extinction of many animals have been great, which would lead to an extent like the dodo bird in the past. Thus, the demand for fortune have been popular in the recent days, such as the demand for the tusk from the elephant and the rhino which involves the exterminations of them.

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