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The subject for the pamphlet used for this project was lead exposure. Children ages 1-5 are defined by the CDC as one of the highest risk group, as they tend to stick toys and contaminated objects or fingers in their mouths, have poor hygiene, and play in the dirt more than older children.

The pamphlet was presented to a young mother Of an 1 1 month Old and a 2. 5 year old. The mother and father of the children were both Caucasian ages 23 ND 31. They were of low socioeconomic status and received WICK and food assistance. They both had high school educations, but hadn’t completed college. The mother had never heard of lead poisoning or the environmental risks, symptoms, etc. , and was eager to learn. The father wasn’t present for the teaching.

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During the interview and presentation, the mother relayed that she lived in a house built in the 1 ass’s that had older plumbing. She and her husband moved there during her pregnancy with her 1 1 month old daughter and had been scraping paint and re-painting to try to make the house a little more like home. The mother stated that her daughter had been having some of the symptoms discussed, such as vomiting and she was also on the lower end of the growth scale.

After learning the facts, the mother stated that she would immediately schedule an appointment to have her children’s lead levels tested, considering the age of her home and her young daughter’s symptoms. The mother seemed like she understood the information given well. She asked questions about how to avoid further lead exposure until things could be renovated, if her house was positive for lead. She stated that she would be teaching her husband about leaving his dirty boots outside in order to leave contaminated dirt outdoors if it was positive.

She stated she would have her sisters go over to her house and help her clean thoroughly, so she could just keep it up dusting and mopping after that. She was taught that lead can be passed through breast milk and she stated that she would not only be getting her children tested, but herself as well. The overall impression of the experience was good.

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