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How can modern society best deal with the ever-increasing quantities of industrial and domestic waste? June 2000 2. Should the human race fear climatic change? June 2000 3. The environment is being harmed more by human activity than natural disasters. Do you agree? Novo 2001 4. How can natural disasters be avoided, or their effects, at least, reduced? June 2002 5. Is there any point in predicting the weather when we have no control over it? Novo 2002 6.

Can the needs of industry and the environment ever be balanced? June 2003 7. How far can poor countries afford to show concern for the environment? June 2004 8. Consider the problem of noise in society and ways to reduce it. June 2004 9. Can the use Of nuclear energy be justified? Novo 2003 10. Assess the impact of technology on the environment. Novo 2004 1 1 . Can renewable resources ever meet all our energy needs? June 2005 12. How important is the conservation of the sea’s resources? Novo 2005 13.

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How important is it to explore alternative forms of energy? June 2006 14. Discuss the view that most “natural” disasters are caused by human activity. June 2007 15. To what extent should countries have the right to develop their own energy programmed? Novo 2015 16. To what extent is “green” technology affordable? Novo 2013 17. Assess the suitability of solar power for generating sufficient electricity. Novo 2011 18. To what extent should young people worry about climate change and global warming?

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