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Registration is an exciting twenty-four hours for every pupil in simple. high school. or colleges. It is the most expected activity after summer holiday. But contrary to the outlooks of the enrollees. registration has posed jobs and fusss because it has become boring and taxing. Sometimes the pupils leave it to their parents and other members of the household to inscribe them. The unsystematic process of school during registration is now dreaded by them. Alternatively pupil enrollees have to stand and wait for it to complete in an hr or two. sometimes pupils are made to come back the following twenty-four hours or even after a hebdomad or so that they can be officially enrolled. All these have posed a job which alarmed the research worker and decided to prosecute in deciding the registration job by planing and implementing a system of registration which is computerized for smooth and less debatable flow of registration in the Madana Mohana Academy.

Madana Mohana Academy is now distinguished on its 19th twelvemonth sharing wisdom on every pupil single since it was founded in 1995. By 1996. there were 17 students. 12 in Kindergarten and 5 in Preparatory. so enrolling pupils manually was non yet a job for them. With the increasing figure of pupils they now have in simple and high school. registration and entering students’ information becomes a load. A fuss and clip devouring activity non merely for the module but besides for pupils every bit good.

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All this registration job can be resolved by planing and implementing a system of registration which is computerized. As a pupil. the research worker decided to develop a well programmed system that will construct up the registration system of Madana Mohana Academy. The Automated Enrollment System was designed to supply efficient and accurate recording of minutess. The system was built with the usage of Visual studio 2013 and for its database MySQL work bench 6. 1.

Background of Study

An machine-controlled system is a system in which the computing machine plays a major function and this sort of system is needed by every companies and establishments today. Computer based system is the best manner of hive awaying and recovering informations on the database. instead than utilizing documents and file cabinets. This will assist the registrar of Madana Mohana Academy bring forth a speedy and efficient informations they need. The Madana Mohana Academy uses a manual method in their registration system. As a consequence. they encountered unexpected jobs like loss of information and slow dealing and holding troubles on minutess which consumes a batch of clip. As the research worker conducted research and analyze the bing system. he decided to urge a computing machine based registration system that enables the module and disposal of the school to derive good services for every pupils and to turn to the jobs that occur because of their manual registration.

Statement of the Problem

With the increasing Numberss of enrollee each twelvemonth. registration has become a load for the pupils and the module. it will take so much clip merely to inscribe a pupil by making it manually. Not merely that. entering informations in a paper isn’t that secure. since information is stored in registering cabinets it is freely available to anyone. By manually entering informations it can’t be avoid to perpetrate common mistakes. Since everything and every item is written down manually in paper there will be excessively much paper work! And by utilizing paper stored in registering cabinets. it consumes excessively much infinite. Using manual system consumes more clip and attempt that’s why employees can’t maximise their work as a consequence it costs more expense to the establishment.

As for study coevals. utilizing manual system takes everlastingly and is susceptible to errors because the employee will scan all the enrolled pupils paperss screen them by class and tally the list one by one in a study signifier. However. in an machine-controlled system. the user can bring forth studies with merely a chink of a button. A portion of the enrolment procedure of the academy is the fiscal duty of every pupil. The histories of pupils are interrelated with its personal information. With a manual system. the hazard of perpetrating errors has a high possibility. Mistakes appear in the calculation of each students’ histories and in the coevals of payables. The machine-controlled system eliminates such mistakes salvaging clip and harass both to pupils and employees likewise.

Statement of Objective
General Objective

The General Objective of this survey is to plan and develop an Automated Enrolment and Cashiering system of Madana Mohana that will turn to the
school’s file-handling. coevals of signifiers and other paperss.

Specific Objective
Develop a system with a friendly user interface.

Develop a secure system with the usage of user history with watchword. Develop a system that automatically generate the students’ ID of new enrolled pupil. Develop a system that accepts students’ enrollment.

Develop a system that automatically generates statement of history after a successful enrollment of pupil. Develop a system that can publish the list of the pupils enrolled. Develop a system that will demo all the enrolled pupils.

Develop a system that accepts payments and print grosss.
Develop a system that records day-to-day dealing.
Develop a system that can hive away. update. and delete informations in the database.

Significance of the Study
A system that accelerates dealing and automatize the registration procedure will profit to the followers:
The School ( Madana Mohana Academy )
This survey will supply easy and fast attack in enrollment and registration.
The Registrar
This survey will assist them maintain and manage indispensable information for the convenience of the pupils and the forces assign to enrollment in this instruction establishment.
The Students
The pupils can salvage clip in inscribing to the establishment. Each pupil histories and information are kept safe in the database that can be easy accessed when needed.
The Researcher
This survey will assist the advocates derive more cognition and a great experience in this sort of field. It is besides the manner that the advocates can portion the cognition on how to construct this sort of system.

Scope and Restrictions
The system focused in acquiring relevant informations including informations of the pupils and calculation of necessary fees. The system is capable of publishing the appraisal and enrollment of the pupil. The system is capable entering all the standard payments.

The system is capable of publishing reception and category list.
The system has the ability to salvage record and edit those informations and of import information about the pupils. The system besides includes the user log-in.
The system is capable of altering the peculiar fees and so update. The system merely allows admin to entree some functionality.

The system is non on-line
The system can non accept minutess with recognition cards/checks and other manner of payment instead than hard currency footing. The system can’t position students’ classs.
The system does non bring forth measures.
Merely authorised individual are allowed to utilize the system.

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