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Christians who believe that life begins at conception would be totally against using an embryo for stem cells and then destroying it. This because these Christians (mainly Catholics) believe all life is holy from the point of conception and should be treated with intrinsic value. God also ‘created human in his own image’ and he wouldn’t want the human’s that he gave his own image to, to be degraded and not respected. The fact that he gave humans his image and not an entirely different one shows how much he cares about them and it also mention in the bible that ‘you are worth more than many sparrows’. This also proves that humans are sacred and special in god’s eyes.But on the other hand, Christians (Protestants) would see using embryo’s for stem cells as acceptable, as they don’t believe that the point at which life begins can be clearly defined. This is because of a quote from (Genesis 2:7) ‘breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being’, which sort of suggests that life begins when a person breaths his first breath. But since this point is very difficult to distinguish they don’t see an embryo as a person as they see it as something that is developing into a person.Although using embryo stem cells would help find cures for diseases, some Christians feel that the disabled people who are living through the disease now will fee like they don’t fit into society any more, as less and less disabled people would be born. This would lead to a mater race and would lead to isolation and eventually heavy discrimination. But I think that this is a weak argument because God gave human knowledge for a reason, and this should be used to curing as many people as possible. After all Jesus was a healer who healed the sick. By using embryo stem cells scientists could help find cures for terrible diseases like Motor neurone disease and Alzheimer’s.In conclusion, Christians should allow stem cells to be used from embryos because it could lead to breakthroughs in science and also lead to cures to diseases that effect many people. It is also hard for a lot of Christians to say that doing so would be going against the commandment ‘do not murder’ because an embryo under the age of 14 days obviously wouldn’t have ‘breathed… the breath of life’ yet.

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