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The human population is growing rapidly and is expected to continue to grow over the next 50 years, with that being said because of the growing population it means the earth and environment will have to grow/adapt with the ever growing population of humans. One part of adapting to the population will be to try and address the needs of humans such as food, energy and raw materials.

It will be hard to keep continuing to get our food, energy and raw materials in the way we do now without possibly damaging he earth’s environment where it cannot be repaired; Pollution, deforestation, farming, over-fishing, and global warming will be the cause of the environment being damaged. Environmental Issues Recycling: recycling is not only about waste control; it is also part of the possible conservation of resources to repairing damage on the environment.

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Over the last few years there has been much talk about recycling and its impact however there is still a number of individuals who still do not know how recycling can help the environment. The earth has to work hard to reduce and meet the needs of the growing population; people will need to work to preserve the resources the earth has in order to ensure that the environment as we know will still be around for future populations. One problem of recycling practices is the limited emphasis put on practicing concepts of salvage and reuse.

This is a society that is actively progressive and without certain information or statistics to grab the attention of society then all the concepts and information provided will fall on deaf ears. It is important for the population to start embracing these concepts otherwise Earth will be uninhabitable in the future. The emphasis of recycling is not being talked about enough, and neither is an alternative that is why earth’s ability for growth is being challenged by what many humans do on a daily basis. There are many ways in which humans can try to address many of the environmental issues.

Forestry: stop cutting down trees or less of them, and those that have been cut down should be replaced with new planted ones. Fishing: ensuring that there is a limit of how much one can fish and catch this way the fish do not become extinct. Economic issues: there needs to be an improvement of humans standards of living by trying to reduce carbon dioxide and any type of greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture: Start producing high yielding crop of good quality without the use of chemicals and fertilizers.

Energy: Try replacing non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuel with renewable sources like solar, water and wind generation for use of energy instead. Fossil fuels affect the environment in ways that many are not aware of because many do not know what fossil fuels re; Fossil fuels are- gasoline, oil, coal, or natural gas. Whenever these forms of fuel are used or burned the environment is polluted with gases that are emitted into the earth’s atmosphere which causes harm to it.

These fuels are used to run cars, trucks, heat homes, business and power factories. The majority of air pollutants are usually results of fossil fuel either in the home, or from industries which use internal combustion engines, what happens when they are in use is the smoke releases tiny particles of carbon in the air, t sits suspended in the air and can reduce the light at ground level and deposits of smoke particles, soot and ash can float preventing light, because of the effects of these gases have it is important to try and find other ways to obtain fuel.

Many humans believe that there is much that can be done and many are not doing, those who are trying to spread the word will confront the problem of sustainability and will try to propose ideas to do it. The idea of sustainability is the main topic with regards to the future of the environment and earth.

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