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We all like to travel in our cars and buses but what we don’t see here is the emission Of carbon dioxide from them. And the emission Of carbon dioxide from industries along with some other harmful gases. The carbon dioxide is not making people having problems in breathing but it’s also causing ozone layer, the layer that protects us from Ultraviolet rays, to disintegrate. This has in turn cause more hot temperature. Then who will be affected by it. Well we all will say that poor people in our country but that’s not true because the people in the tropics will be affected by it most.

Reason being that the people there don’t have enough money and not enough technology. And lastly how can we stop it? Well of course this wont we like in the movies where God comes to help you. This is reality so we have to take sensible steps to stop this, wait we cannot stop this any longer we can only delay it. But ifs still better than doing nothing and experiencing how does it feel to be a melting ice cream. So the first step we need is to control the Carbon dioxide emission which can be done by limiting the use of fuel, diesel cars and instead encourage the use of hybrid cars.

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Then second is that increase the number of plants instead of just cutting them because plants absorb carbon dioxide for the process of photosynthesis. And we can’t just shut off industries saying that they are the devils who will make hell on earth so our best shot is to increase the number of plants or to use other sources rather than coal to power them. We also need to spread public awareness so people can understand the consequences of their actions.

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