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It is high time that the effects of global warming should be highlighted under the circumstance that the temperature tends to increase continuously. In general, the effects of global warming can easily be seen from the following three aspects–?the environment, the people and animal species. First, global warming triggers two disastrous environmental phenomena-?drought and rising sea level. According to Dad, “warming increases the tendency for moisture to evaporate from land areas” (Peg, 2005).

Global warming keeps the temperature of the atmosphere and the oceans at a high level, which contributes to the mass evaporation of the earth’s surface water. With the evaporation increasing year by year but the amount of precipitation remaining the same, the land cannot retain water and then, droughts occur. In the past 30 years when the major increase of temperature happened, much of Europe, Asia and Africa have been hit by droughts (Peg, 2005).

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At the same time, the rising temperature thaws the primeval glaciers in the Antarctic pole and the Artic pole which attributes to the rise of the sea level. The sea levels around the world have been increasing at a catastrophic rate of 0. 14 inches every year since the 1 90th (Pattern, 2008). The tendency, linked to global warming, has put thousands of coastal cities, like Venice at risk of being drowned by the ocean (Pattern, 2008).

One nation, the Maldives, has already been looking for a new home due to the rising sea level( Markham, 2009). Second, the effects of global warming in the human society include diseases, famine and thirst, which put a large number of people?s lives at risk. Many life-threatening diseases arise from the high temperature caused by global arming including heatstroke and diarrhea for the lack of clean water and personal hygiene. In Africa, almost 4. 5 million children have died of diarrhea (Action, 2012).

In spite Of the diseases, the droughts caused by global warming ruin the agriculture in the area, which undermines or destroys food and water sources (West, 201 2), leaving the local people suffering from famine and thirst. Thirteen million people in the Horn of Africa were in need of humanitarian assistance to overcome the hunger and thirst caused by the ever droughts, which were an outcome of global warming (Action, 2012). Third, global warming changes the world climate, which contributes to the migration and even the extinction of some specific animal species.

Global warming causes the climate to become drier and hotter in some areas. Once such changes happen, animals in that area have to migrate to find a more suitable habitat. Migratory animals, including penguins and flamingos, have been forced to alter their migratory routes for the sake of climate changes and devastation of habitats. Loss of habitat can be vividly seen in the North Pole, where global warming is thawing the glaciers, pushing the polar bears to extinction” (Eraser, 2012).

More seriously, the rising sea levels arose from global warming threaten to claim tropical islands and forests adjacent to the sea, which are in a close relationship with animal lives (Eraser, 2012). TO sum up, the effects of global warming are definitely hazardous and far ranging, varying from human society to nature and from animals to people. Action must be taken from now on to alleviate the increasing trend of global arming in the modern technological society to attain a better environment, peaceful and carefree lives and the precious diversity of species.

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