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In the month of fasting, all Muslims rise in the morning before sunrise, when it is still dark, to eat a whole meal, then they do no eat again after sunset when it is dark. As well as not eating and drinking, a Muslim must be a good person, not talking behind people’s backs, not lying or being a bad person and also it is a special time to study about the religion Islam, and to read the Quran.A Moslem experiences the spiritual feelings; they feel a special readiness to purify their soul and to be a better person. God is always ready to bless us and forgive us and show mercy.Being able to refrain from eating and drinking, helps one to be strong and patient. If one can be successful within the month of Ramadan, they are able to be successful in many other things.When asking Muslims how they feel in the month of Ramadan the say “we feel as though we are in control of our body’s and our self, putting our beliefs before our every day routine (eating etc.)”. This shows great strength and control.Mr Ackbar is a 43 year man living in Iran with his family. He is an owner of book shop in Tehran.5:00 am: Mr Ackbar wakes up, gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom, to wash and to prepare for his morning prayer.5:10 am: He prays in the traditional way, on his prayer mat, facing towards Mecca, Mecca is in Souder Arabia. Every Muslim must face towards it no matter where they are in the world.5:30 am: Mr Ackbar returns to his bed for another short sleep, as it is too soon to start his day. (Although some Muslims may not return to bed)7:00 am: Mr Ackbar rises from his bed, He washes before breakfast.he shop7:10 am: He has breakfast with his family.7:45 am: He gets ready to go to the book shop8:00 am: Mr Ackbar travels to the book shop by car.8:15 am: He opens the shop. He prepares everything in the shop, ready for the customers.11:45 am: Mr Ackbar, prepares himself to go to the mosque, which is just up the street. He washes, and then leaves the shop. It is not necessary to lock the shop, as in all Muslim countries no one will steel from the shops when unattended.12:00 pm: Mr Ackbar joins all the Muslims in the mosque for midday prayer. The men are in one part of the mosque, and the women are in another part. Men and women are not allowed to be together in the mosque. However as a group they all pray together.12:30 pm: Mr Ackbar goes home to have lunch with his family.1:00 pm: after lunch, as it is too hot (in summer) to return to the book shop, Mr Ackbar has a short nap.3:00 pm: Mr Ackbar gets up, washes and gets ready to get back to the shop.3:05 pm: He has a quick cup of tea before he gets back to the shop.3:15 pm: Mr Ackbar goes to the shop in his car.3:30 pm: Mr Ackbar opens the shop. He helps the customers to choose the right books.6:45 pm: Mr Ackbar prepares himself to go to the mosque for the evening prayer. He washes and leaves the shop.7:00 pm: Mr Ackbar meets the other Muslims in the mosque and they pray as a group.7:30 pm: He returns to the shop, where he continues to help his customers as well as trying to tidy up the shop ready to leave it for the next.8:00 pm: He leaves the shop to return home to his family.8:30 pm: Mr Ackbar enjoys his evening meal with his family.9:00 pm: He relaxes, watching television, when he is not visiting family or going out for the evening.11:30 pm: Mr Ackbar goes to bed.Mr Ackbar, with one of his little boys.They are in the mosque, getting ready to pray.( the men wearing the traditional Muslim hats during their prayers.)Mr Ackbar’s wife, with their other two children.(Mrs Ackbar wearing traditional scarf)The Ackbar family live in Tehran, theCapital of Iran.Here is a photograph of Mr Ackbar’s local Mosque, in Tehran.This is an example of a Muslims prayer (Arabic writing), that Muslims always use in their daily prayers.Translation of this prayer:In the name of Allah (God), the beneficent, the Merciful.Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds,The Beneficent, the Merciful.Owner of the day of judgement,Thee (alone) we worship; Thee (alone) we ask for help.Show us the straight path,The path of those whom Thou hast favoured;Not (the path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.

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