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Specific Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience to did not involve in any illegal drugs. INTRODUCTION: Attention Grabber: (Play sample of drug abuse on computer if allowed) How many of you know about illegal drugs? Reveal Topic: I’ll be talking about how illegal drugs can ruin our life. Credibility Statement: I’ve been researching this topic for several weeks. I had an experience in hallucinate because of taking more than a dose that I have to take. How topic relates to audience: I’m sure that all of us knew about illegal drugs.

Even my brother involve in drugs world since he enter a college, I’ll bet all of us know someone who involve in drugs abuse. Preview of main points: Today I’ll discuss: why drugs are dangerous and then I’ll talk about why it become addicted and also what happen to their brain. BODY The first thing that I would like you to know is about affect of drugs to our body. Main Point 1: Why is it such a bad idea to take drugs? As we known, all religion did not support of illegal drugs. 1. Heath hazard and causes drugs addiction. 2.

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They will lose interest, become moody, cranky, or worried all the time and ask to be alone a lot, sleep and cough a lot, and have a runny nose all the time. 3. If a self-injection form is used, you may face a higher risk of infections and diseases that are transmitted in blood, such as HIV and hepatitis. 4. Illegal drugs can damage the brain, heart, and other important organs. 5. For example, cocaine can cause a heart attack. Now you have an idea of what can be happen to our health, let’s take a look at people who become addicted to drugs. Main Point 2: Why do people become addicted to drugs? 1.

Because it is possible to become addicted to a drug even we has only tried it once. 2. A person who uses drugs can become addicted. This means that the person’s body becomes so accustomed to having this drug that he or she can’t function well without it. 3. It also because of the withdrawal symptoms if they are does not take the drugs. Such as, such as vomiting, sweating, hibernating and shaking. Enough with how people are become addicted, and we’ll continued with what happens in the brain of a person who is addicted. Main Point 3: If a person is drug addicted, there could be something happen to their brain. 1.

There is an altered state of realization due to the affect of the drugs. 2. It can be hallucinating, that can change a person’s mood and makes him or her see, hear, or think things that doesn’t exist. CONCLUSION: Highlight the central idea: Today I’ve talked about why drugs are dangerous, and I showed you how the illegal drugs can effects our body and our life. Signal the end of the speech As you can see, drug addiction is one of the worst states of being for a person. I hope that people can either get help or help themselves out of the box of addiction. Let’s just hope that we will not be one of those people. Thank you.

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