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Does too much water help plants grow more rapidly? Hypothesis I think a plant given an unlimited supply of moisture will grow more rapidly than a plant given the recommended amount of water. To prove my hypothesis I will use the following materials: •Bean and mielie seeds •Cotton wool •Tap water My preparation includes: •Putting one cotton wool ring on six separate saucers •Placing one bean and one mielie seed on each ring •Covering the seeds with another ring •Label three as A and three as B Group A got 10ml water as a start and from there on 4ml three times a day.

Group B got 50ml water that was kept constant throughout the experiment. By placing both on the same windowsill means it will be a fair test. Independent variable: amount of water given Dependent variable: the growth rate Controlled variable: environment and climate The reason for using a hydroponics method is because I can’t control the forming of salt crystals in soil which can interfere with my experiment. There’s also the possibility of weeds sprouting and nutrients may vary. My aim is to prove that the “recommended amount of water needed” isn’t that all important. Experimental Procedure Get six of the same saucers, 12 cotton wool rings and medium sized bean and mielie seeds (Six of each) •Place a cotton ring in the middle of each saucer and one bean and mielie seed on top of it, the same distance apart •Use the other six cotton rings to cover the seeds, placing it exactly on top of the bottom one •Divide them into 2 groups, labeled A and B •Start group A’s watering process with 10ml tap water. From there on 4ml, three times a day for each saucer. (7:00am, 1:30pm and 5:00pm) •Group B’s water states should be kept constant at 50ml to prevent a shortage of H2O. After 2 weeks, you should start seeing some changes occurring in group A. •After close observation for 4 week, you should have enough data to draw up a conclusion. I chose this method because it allowed me to do the same experiment three times in the same amount of time, which should improve the accuracy of the outcome, I was able to test two plant species with out them influencing one another and it only has on dependable variable. DayGroup AGroup B numberBeanMielieBeanMielie 1No changesNo changesNo changesNo changes 2No changesNo changesNo changesNo changes No changesNo changesNo changesNo changes 4No changesNo changesNo changesNo changes 5No changesNo changesNo changesNo changes 6No changesNo changesNo changesNo changes 7Cotton wool starts turning brownNo changesNo changesNo changes 8Brown area becomes biggerNo changesNo changesNo changes 9Same as last time I’ve checkedNo changesNo changesNo changes 10Little bit biggerNo changesDark brown spots starts to disappearNo changes 11Not much progressNo changesSpots are lighterNo changes 12Same as last No changesBarely visibleNo changes 13No changesNo changesSpots are goneNo changes 4Small knobs are visible on some seeds. No changesNo changesNo changes 15Knob got biggerNo changesNo changesNo changes 16GerminateSigns of rootsNo changesNo changes 17Roots got longerRoots got longerMould starts forming on topNo changes 18More roots started formingRoot still growing Mould gets biggerNo changes 19Roots become moreRoots showing a curlMould is growing, but not the plantNo changes 20Healthy roots and showing good progressStarts to aim upwardsnothingNo changes 21Still growing wellStill growingStarting to loose hope.

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No changes 22Starting to show signs of greenStill growingMould keeps getting biggerNo changes 23GrowingStill growingThe skin of one has brokenNo changes 24Still growingStill growingOther two has shown sighs of blackNo changes 25Lifting wool as it growsAlso lifting woolNothingNo changes 26Growing vertically up nowGrowing vertically up nowSkin almost offNo changes 27Roots health, all over greenShowing signs of early leafsShowing signs of rootsNo changes 28Lost skin1cm of greenGerminateNo changes

Conclusions My conclusion proved my hypothesis false. A seed giving to much water takes 4 times longer to germinate then those whose water supply was kept under control. The reason for group B not being able to germinate as fast as group A was due to a lack of oxygen. The water was so over powering that it struggled to get a balanced amount of both H2O and CO2.

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