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Discuss the characters attitudes towards love and arranged marriages in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ focus on Act 3 Scene 5 and analyse how the actors playing these roles should perform them.I am going examine and discuss the characters attitudes towards love and arranged marriages in Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. In the 15th century in Verona, Italy where ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is supposed to have been set, the attitudes to arranged marriages, where that it was the normal and it was performed to maintain social classes. The plot of this story is around a family feud between the Capulet family and the Montague family. These families have a daughter and a son these two youngsters fall in love at first sight and marry; they are then split up by a murder that takes place and eventually kill themselves, they decide that if they can’t be together in life they will be in death, it is unnecessary however and they could have been together in life. This is a story of tragedy and whirlwind romance against the odds of family disapproval.Throughout the play the attitudes of the character to arranged marriages change. At the beginning of the play in Act 1 Scene 2 Paris asks Lord Capulet for Juliet’s hand in marriage, at this time Lord Capulet is resistant and doesn’t think his daughter is ready he tells Paris to wait two summers (2 years). Capulet is concerned about Juliet and doesn’t want her to be unhappy and doesn’t want her to marry to early, as her mother had, “and too soon married are those so early made” meaning the marriage is spoilt, he is reflecting on his personal experience and his own arranged marriage. He sets up the masked ball so that Juliet and Paris can get to know each other. By Act 3 Scene 4 Paris and Capulet are discussing the marriage again. This time however because of Tybalt’s death, he hasn’t spoken to his daughter and wants to cheer the family up and especially Juliet so he arranges the marriage and has no doubt in his mind that Juliet will except it and obey her father. The marriage is planned for the Thursday, later than Paris wants. Lord Capulet gets Lady Capulet to tell Juliet.Romeo’s attitude to arranged marriages is unclear however he is preoccupied throughout the play by other things. In Act 1 Scene 1 Romeo is in love with Roseline, it is a courtly love. Roseline however had sworn she would stay chaste and Romeo’s love goes unrequited. Romeo as a result of this becomes very depressed and melancholic, he shut himself away and is extremely unsociable, his friends, such as Benvolio, tell him to look at other girls but he refuses. Romeo in Act 1 Scene 5 goes to the masked ball to try and talk to Roseline, while there he lays eyes on Juliet and falls immediately in love.As she does with him, they have a polite talk about whether they should kiss then they do and their very quick courtship begins. By Act 3 Scene 5 Romeo and Juliet have married and just consummated their marriage this scene is the morning after. Romeo leaves his love because he has been banished for murdering Tybalt. The young couple have a conversation about whether it is morning or not because neither wants to leave the other. Romeo knows however that if he doesn’t go he will be killed and he then leaves. They don’t know when they will see each other again.Juliet is unaware of the arrangement of her marriage until Act 1 Scene 3 she is very mature about it she isn’t sure, but seems to take it well enough. In Act 3 Scene 5 she is told that she is to be married by the next Thursday and she has already fallen in love and married Romeo and therefore she is against arranged marriage now and disobeys her father, which was unheard of in those times.Lady Capulet’s attitude towards arranged marriage doesn’t really change through the play. In Act 1 Scene 3 she talks to her daughter Juliet about the arranged marriage with Paris. Lady Capulet seems worried about the marriage this is because she herself is in an arranged marriage and isn’t happy, she was married too young. In Act 3 Scene 5 she has to break the news to Juliet that she is going to be married the next week, and is involved in the argument the follows this news.The Nurse’s attitude towards arranged marriage isn’t the issue the Nurse doesn’t care really who Juliet marries she just want to see her married and happy, this desire to see Juliet married make her foolish, and treats her as he own daughter as is mentioned in Act 1 Scene 3. She helps in the secret marriage of Romeo and Juliet but then in Act 3 Scene 5 she agrees with the arranged marriage to Paris.

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