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Discrimination is something in which everybody will come across nearly everyday of their lives. Whether it will be in the way that people can treat each other as they are not equal, or sometimes like they are not human. Discrimination can be found anywhere, like on a street or in a job. There is discrimination against the mentally and physically challenged, against people of different cultures, and people of the opposite sex, just to name a few.Discrimination may not make a large impact on someone’s life instantly, but continual discriminatory practice can have devastating effects. It can actually come to the stage in which it can destroy the quality of someone’s life. Discrimination is described by Maslow in his human needs pyramid. It says that discrimination can leave an individual lacking in self-esteem, and refuse the chance for them to be able to self-actualise. Individuals can too feel that they are inferior in society, the can feel devalued, excluded, unsafe and it can also be physically damaging for ones health.There have been laws enforced to try to stop discrimination, however there is nothing to prevent discrimination within society. It is still the case that different races and women are seen to be the inferior groups of society. This has been demonstrated when women receive less pay than a male, for the same job. Or a black male has a higher qualification and would be best suited to a specific job, but a white male gets offered the job because he is ‘white’. Those who suffer from a disability can also find themselves at a disadvantage within society.Some of the effects can be so horrendous that and individual can lose the fight to live. They can be left feeling excluded from society to a degree that they become unfamiliar with it. Loss of motivation and energy can prove costly in the hope that discrimination one day will be wiped out. Because of the effects on ones emotional state, they may feel that there is no hope, and that there life will always consist of discrimination, therefore they give up and do not even attempt to stand up for equal rights. If discrimination is going to become something of the past then it needs to be understood now to our generation that it is not acceptable. If this can be achieved then our children will be brought up to understand that we are all equal and discrimination is something which probably will exist, but should not be done. So maybe then some thought will go into thinking about the effects that it can have before it is intentionally, or accidentally done.There has been evidence to show that discrimination exists within health settings. For example: a black patients will sometimes receive care which is not up to that doctors standards, just because they are ‘black’. Within social services too it has been known that black women can sometimes find it much harder than a white to receive help. These are only a few examples of the ways in which it can happen.Sometimes discrimination occurs within the social status. Those who have a high social status have been brought up, or lived within a high status for most of their lives, and it becomes natural to think that everybody should be like them. Discrimination can be aimed at those who are not equal or have a lower social status. People like this, can sometimes feel that because they have a high social status that they are ‘powerful’, and they use this power to make them feel good. None times out of ten this power is enforced and inflicted on those who are of a lower social status, which creates and inequality. They re obviously unaware of the effects that is has on individuals and groups. This is why it is essential that people are made aware of the seriousness that discrimination can cause, if there is any chance of it being able to become a thing of the past.

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