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It was a sunny day as the weather forecast had been told it would be 25 degree. I was wearing my summer dress as I was doing my Geography homework outside in the garden. It started to get a bait chilly so I popped inside to get a cardigan as I ran outside the light from the sun was dark, I stared at the sky until I realised that there was a murky, gloomy, black cloud above me.I ran inside in hand with my Geography book, as I looked at the trees it was moving heavily; I guess that it would be the strong wind. I remembered my book; peeped inside to the thunder page and look at the part ‘What causes makes a thunder storm’ it said lighting, tornadoes I flipped the page to the tornado part and opened the diagram, Formation of Tornadoes it said the hot heat coming from the sun is downdraft, the moist air must be updraft, the downdraft mixed with the updraft must of caused a thunder cloud that is called a super cell.I started to get worried because there was a loud sound which was obviously lighting. I ran to my mum I showed her the page I was reading from, I putted the radio on to hear any weather updates; it said that there will be a tornado arriving any time. We grabbed the radio and all our special belonging. I started to read the Red Cross safety; go to the lowest floor, then to a room with no windows or shelves so we entered the bathroom.I turned on the radio again to see if the tornado was close to our town, we had to wait 10mins before they said it was in the town and was travelling 158-206mph, I heard loud sounds I felt petrified, I tried to focus on my Geography book so I started to read the tornado diagram again; it said after the lighting and the strong wind, the warm air is sucked in and wind from different directions make it rotate which is called air mass after it would make a rotating funnel drop from the clouds.I stopped reading as I could hear crashing windows and cars, things falling and flying. I felt really scared and closed my eyes as minutes passed I thought I was dead, I walked out of my broken house and saw the lost scenery; there was people screaming and crying as some was in pain, I felt relieved that I had survived a natural disaster and my family was safe but my emotion was sympathy because my neighbours was crying,I was very heart broken as there was severe damages to the whole town and my home; the walls and roof was torn of the house, every car plus mobile homes was demolished furthermore small and large trees was uprooted or snapped. The weak pavement was blown off roads. I started to cry because every think was ruined and everyone else cried with me.

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