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In last two decennaries many successful concern failed, productively running concerns suffered from a ruin and some seemingly effectual corporate received a great autumn in their net incomes and popularity. All this happen because administrations fail to follow with the moralss. Ethical motives can be defined as an ability to distinguish between right and incorrect.

To go successful in life moralss are must and same is true for concern excessively. High ethical criterions are necessary to run a successful concern. A concern that is based on moralss can run successfully for old ages ( Warren, 2002 ) . Money shapers who do non pay attending to ethical values can merely gain a short term success. To last long in the market, ethical concern policy is must (, 2008 ) .

An ethical concern policy is really utile at many degrees. Effective ethical policies make it clear to all that what is expected from them. It besides defines the mechanism for enforcement and punishment for disobedience. When the ethical policy is professed as an built-in constituent of the organisation ‘s civilization is understood, followed and enforced ( bankers online, 2010 ) .

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There are so many advantages of a good ethical policy implemented in organisation. The better consciousness of ethical policy will develop a good sense of duty and employees will are cognizant of proper behavior and they will move consequently.

The ethical policy of an organisation is more than merely a formal papers sketching related regulations of behavior. It is about incorporating positive values throughout an organisation. Some cardinal cardinal features of for doing ethical policy effectual and deserving holding are (, 2008 ) ;

Leaderships set the illustration: Employees frequently used to follow the behavior of their superior executives, directors and others who have succeeded in the company. There forward everyone at every degree must lodge to the guideline laid down by the ethical policy.

Ethical motives is at bosom of the civilization: Companies those are really successful in their concern have made moralss a cardinal component of their corporate civilization. Conducting concern with unity is considered every bit of import as bottom line consequences. Ethical criterions are applied any clip a determination is made or an action is taken, non merely during controversial state of affairss (, 2008 ) .

Everyone participates in regulation devising: while make up one’s minding for the ethical policy companies should follow democratic attack despite of giving the undertaking of policy preparation to the legal section houses must include people from all degrees of the organisation in treatment about ethical guidelines. Once the ethical policy is implemented.

Ethical motives is discussed openly: Successful administration promotes the ethical criterions from the clip staff members are hired, clearly pass oning the criterions of appropriate behavior. Directors so on a regular basis address ethical issues in meetings and one on one conversation with staff as appropriate.

Rules are applied systematically: Management should use the same ethical criterions to everyone in the organisation. The effects for an executive ‘s dishonest behavior should be consistent with those of a junior staff member. No exclusions should be made.

Employees feel safe to portion concerns: The work environment must be one in which people feel they can present bad intelligence to direction without fright of reverberations.

Having a good ethical policy will non vouch a job free environment, but it will guarantee that staff members have a clear apprehension of outlooks. Collaborate with employees on specifying the regulations and do it certain that everyone is cognizant of the demands. Then take measure to instil nucleus values throughout the organisation (, 2008 )


First of wholly, the ethical policy must reflect organisation ‘s policies, controls and procedures. Unless those policies, controls and processes adequately reflect your establishment is alone organisation, the codification will non be effectual in supplying counsel or offering protections ( bankers online, 2010 ) .

Depending on regulative demands the contents of ethical policy vary. In general, the ethical policy should incorporate regulations on ; record maintaining, information security and privateness, gift and cordial reception, cooperation with probes and audits, struggles of involvements and of class, a “ whistle blower ” proviso. The whistleblower proviso establishes processs whereby employees can describe, without fright of reprisal, suspected illegal or unethical activities by others within the organisation ( bankers online, 2010 ) .


There is no alone manner of disposal. In some companies the legal depart ment take attention of all the issues related to ethical policy. In others, the duty rests with Human Resources, Risk direction, Audit or conformity. In some organisations, a particular moralss commission is been formed specifically for the intents of supervising and enforcement. Regardless of where the answerability lies organizationally, the of import considerations in taking an decision maker are that ( bankers online, 2010 ) ( Wood, 2002 ) ;

Accountability is clearly defined.

The responsible section or individual has the stature necessary to ease enforcement,

It is assigned to person who does non hold a leaning to prosecute in illegal or unethical activities.

Important constituents of the disposal of ethical policy include initial and on traveling preparation and awareness attempt of reception, apprehension, and conformity with the codification ; criterions for certification of exclusions ; criterions for probe of suspected or reported error ; consistent enforcement ; and eventually periodic reappraisal of the codification to guarantee that it is comprehensive and reflects the current organisational construction and concern pattern ( bankers online, 2010 ) .


The Oberoi Group is founded in 1934 by Mr. Raibahadur M.S. Oberoi. It operates 28 hotels and three patrol cars in five states. Its concatenation of luxury hotels is known as ‘Oberoi ‘ and five star trade name is ‘Trident ‘ . The group is besides engaged in flight catering, airdrome eating houses, travel and circuit services, auto leases, undertaking direction and corporate air charters. Internationally recognised for all-around excellence and alone degrees of service, Oberoi Hotels & A ; Resorts have received countless awards and awards ( Oberoi Hotels, 2009 ) B.

A typical characteristic of The Group ‘s hotels is their extremely motivated and good trained staff that provides the sort of attentive, personalized and warm service that is rare today. The Group ‘s new luxury hotels have established a repute for redefining the paradigm of luxury and excellence in service amongst leisure hotels around the universe. The last decennary has witnessed the introduction of new luxury Oberoi leisure hotels in India and abroad. The Group ‘s committedness to excellence, attending to detail and individualized service has ensured a loyal list of invitees and awards in the world-wide cordial reception industry ( Oberoi Hotels, 2009 ) .

The Group is committed to using the best environmental and ecological patterns in engineering, equipment and operational procedures. The Oberoi Group besides supports philanthropic activities that range from instruction to assistance for the mentally and physically challenged. The Group is besides a acute subscriber to the preservation of nature and of cultural heritage.

THE VISION & A ; MISSION OF OBEROI GROUP ( Oberoi Hotels, 2007 )

To go an organisation which aims at leading in the cordial reception industry by understanding its invitees, and planing and presenting merchandises and services, that enables it to transcend their outlooks. The Oberoi group will ever show attention for our clients through expectancy of their demands, attending to detail, typical excellence, heat and concern ( Oberoi Hotels, 2007 ) .

To go a thin, antiphonal organisation where determination devising is encouraged at each degree and which accepts alteration. An organisation that is committed and antiphonal to its invitees and other stakeholders.

To go a multi-skilled work force consists of squad participants who have pride of ownership in interpreting the organisation ‘s vision into world.

To go an organisation where people are nurtured through continues acquisition and accomplishment betterment, and are respected, heard and encouraged to make their best. Oberoi is recognized as best pattern for preparation and developing its people.

To go a more transnational work force that has been exposed to different civilizations, jobs and state of affairss and can utilize its experiences to enrich the local employees whether in India or overseas.

To go the universe dotted with hotels of The Oberoi Group, in strategic commercial and resort locations.

To go user-friendly engineering heightening value for our clients and assisting our forces by doing information more accessible.

To go an organisation which is witting of its function in the community, back uping societal demands and guaranting employment from within the local community.

With the above defined vision The Oberoi Group of Hotels operates with the mission which has four chief cardinal pillars ; Guest, Workforce, Distinctiveness, Share Holders.

The Oberoi group is committed to run into and transcend the outlooks of the clients through the dedicated services in every facets of cordial reception. The Oberoi group committed to the growing, development and public assistance of people upon whom they rely to do it successful. The Oberoi group as a squad shall go on the Oberoi tradition of open uping in the cordial reception industry, endeavoring for unexcelled excellence in high possible locations all the manner from the Middle East to Asia -Pacific.

As a consequence of all above The Oberoi Group is taking to make excess ordinary portion value for its portion holder.


Like all other organisation the Oberoi Group of Hotels has a good ethical policy which they call ‘DHARMA ‘ of The Oberoi Group ( Oberoi Hotels, 2007 ) .

It states that the Oberoi Group are committed to expose through all their Acts of the Apostless and behaviour the undermentioned behavior, which applies to all facets of their concern ( Oberoi Hotel, 2010 ) .

Ethical Standards: All member of the company will demo the behavior of highest ethical criterions – rational, fiscal and moral and reflects the highest degrees of courtesy and consideration for others.

Team Work: Building and maintains teamwork with the common trust as the footing of all professional relationship.

Customer First: Puting the client foremost, the company 2nd and the ego last. Every member of the organisation will carry on in such a mode which exemplifies attention for the client through the expectancy of demand, attending to detail, excellence, aesthetics and regard for privateness, along with heat and concern.

Effective Communication: Every member of the organisation show a behavior of two manner communicating, accepting constructive argument and dissent whilst moving dauntlessly with strong belief.

Human Resource: As people are the cardinal assets therefore the behavior of all members will show the regard for all employees and taking from the forepart sing the public presentation accomplishments every bit good as single development.

Security: Organization will all clip safeguards the safety, security, wellness and environment of our clients, employees and the assets of the company.

Long term Position: Organizational behavior eschews the short-run speedy hole for the long- term constitution of a healthy case in point.


Customer Focus: Customer relationship is of extreme importance for a concern to accomplish long-run net incomes. To derive a long term relationship with clients and accomplish client return for the concern, the concern demands to be based on moralss. The trustiness of a concern, its client service, its client attention, its manner of covering with clients and its impulse to retain its old clients, is a portion of concern moralss. Businesss moralss leave a long permanent feeling on their heads builds trust, bringing a concern more clients while retaining the older 1s (, 2008 ) ( BIZ moralss, 2008 ) .

Legalities: Most of us are concerned about doing money for our concern and we cater to the legalities in concern but we rarely bother to establish our concern on moralss. At times, ethical responsibilities of a business communities and undertaking directors could be more enduring so even the concern Torahs. Ethical motives is a far making construct and goes beyond the thought of doing money lawfully. Ethical values are manner in front of gaining money. Ethical motives is more about the earning long enduring relationship in concern (, 2008 ) .

Ethical Practice: Peoples who seek motive behind being ethical should understand that they are ethical by definition. Ethical motives is an built-in portion of running concern and therefore ethical values accompany concern by default. Without following certain ideals in concern, one can non go successful. Success that is attained without a foundation of strong moralss is bound to be short lived. A concern can non go on to thrive without an ethical base. A few successes can be happenstance or good lucks but relentless success can merely be a consequence of strong foundation of moralss ( BIZ moralss, 2008 ) (, 2008 ) .

Human resource: Organizational benefits should non be used in an unjust mode. The usage of company resources for personal benefits and taking an undue advantage of concern resource is wholly unethical. Using the wealth of the concern for personal grounds is non ethical. Using company fund for personal ground is unethical. A thoughtful and careful use of company resources is a portion of concern moralss. A vigilant and prudent usage of resources is an indispensable constituent of moralss in concern (, 2008 ) .

Hospitality & A ; Bribe: Accepting payoffs, delighting the so called of import clints, favoring a portion of the clients while being unjust towards the others is against concern moralss the primary purpose is non merely to maximize net incomes. It is instead to provide the demands of the society and work towards profiting the multitudes ( BIZ moralss, 2008 ) (, 2008 ) .


TAJ GROUP OF HOTELS: The Taj Hotels Resort and Palaces is a group of 64 hotels at 45 locations across India with an extra 15 international hotels. The most important add-on to the Taj portfolio has been the iconic landmark hotel in New York, the Taj Boston and the blue in Sydney. In 1993 company established the Indian institute of hotel direction in Aurangabad, Maharastra in western India ( Taj Hotel, 2009 ) (, 2009 ) .

The Taj Group of hotels is a portion of Indian Multinational Group ‘TATA ‘ which has been respected in India for 140 old ages for its attachment to strong values and concern moralss. TATA ‘s vision is to achieve leading through concern excellence in the sectors that they operate in, while continuing values and unity, to better the quality of life of the communities they serve. TATA ‘s has ever been values driven. These values continue to direct the growing and concern of TATA companies. The five nucleus TATA values are (, 2009 ) ; Integrity, Understanding, Excellence, Unity and Responsibility. As TATA is really large organisation they have a really elaborate ethical policy for the full group dwelling 25 clauses which focuses on every facets of ethical pattern (, 2009 ) .

As there is no standard format to outline the ethical policy of the organisation, in other words we can state that the ethical policy of the organisation depends on mission and vision of the organisation. Thus the two ethical codifications of behaviors could non be compared on point to indicate footing but their impact. Both the organizational policies are compared herewith mention to their client keeping and cost effectivity and usage of engineering.

Oberoi and Taj both are organisations which are regarded as extremely ethical in Indian cordial reception industry. The success of both the organisations reflects the values and principal they follow in modus operandi every bit good as the strong attachment to their ethical policies severally.

Oberoi Groups of hotel are most cost efficient. Thus client is acquiring better services at really efficient cost, and as they are seting client foremost supplying better services therefore better client keepings.

The hotel provides the first-class service in order to increase client satisfaction. So many techniques from western cordial reception direction are been adopted to do certain that guest must be happy, but due to lake of experience the company is non that much successful.

Taj group of hotel has clearly defined policy related to politically non alliance. That means all employees at Taj will non be politically active nor the company will back up any political party, but will move harmonizing to the guideline provided by the fundamental law of the state in which it will be runing. But there is no such clear guideline is given in the ethical policy papers of Oberoi.

In footings of employment coevals Taj and Oberoi are working towards the new developments making so many new employments chances for the local people of the country in which the companies operate. Taj has nowadayss it self as equal chance employer but in Oberoi no such transparent policy which can specifically pay attendings to these issues.

Taj ‘s policy on fiscal coverage is good defined and restricts its members making originative accounting. All the fiscal minutess are recorded harmonizing to by and large accepted fiscal coverage guideline. Oberoi group is as strict on originative accounting as Taj group, but the fiscal coverage policy of Oberoi group is non clearly mentioned in their ethical policy.

To increase its presence universe broad Oberoi Group started coaction with the Hilton group of hotel really good known Hotel in international cordial reception industry.

Oberoi group has besides joined manus with air hose companies to offer services to tourist ‘s finishs nearby states.

By following aggressive scheme on mass touristry Oberoi group has created a large alteration in local employment market therefore carry throughing their corporate societal duty.

Both Oberoi Group and Taj Groups of hotel are taking administration in Indian cordial reception industry they operates universe broad independently every bit good as in coaction with international administrations but there is no clear counsel given in ethical policies of the both about how to contend the biggest immorality of touristry industry, that is human trafficking. If they come out with the strong policy sing the human trafficking so both will together lend to the faster economic growing of India every bit far as touristry is concern.

If it is a comparing on the footing of engineering employed Oberoi group is some what weak in this country. As Taj is backed up by TATAs they are doing better usage of engineering

If both the organisations are compared on the footing of variegation Taj has the advantage because it enjoys the support of 150 twelvemonth old extremely diversified industrial house of India while Oberoi is non that much diversified.

Experts in concern direction and research workers have endorsed the demand for man of affairs and company professional to analyze moralss. They have asserted the importance of establishing concern on ethical values and following them. They have urged direction professionals to adhere to moralss and accept it as a portion of concern. Ethical motives remain being of import in concern and strong ethical values shall take the concern a long manner! (, 2008 )

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