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In staging 3.1,I would have the Capulet’s come in from one side of the stage, which is represented by a ‘c’ on the curtain and the same with the Montague’s. I would have Mercutio and Benvolio already on the stage at the beginning of the scene. It would be set on a beach with the sun shining brightly using yellow lights. This would be different to a Shakespearean theatre, as the sun would already be shining as the theatre is outside.As Tybalt and his gang walk in all big headed there would be silence. They would be wearing leather jackets with a ‘c’ on its back. As Benvolio says ‘by my head, here comes the Capulet’s’ he starts to walk backwards slowly showing he is worried. Confidently Mercutio walks towards Tybalt acting all cocky and boastful in front of him. ‘I care not’. The music gets louder building up the tension between the two families. This would be done with a cassette playing although in a Shakespearean theatre they would just use drums ; sticks to make music. This would make the audience realize something bad is going to happen.The stage would be pitch black with red lights shining on Tybalt and Mercutio as they walk towards each other. Tybalt’s friends would be waiting at the back corner of the stage, as they aren’t as important. Making them the center of attention Tybalt and Mercutio would stand in the middle of the stage. This is the cue for the music as it reflects the atmosphere of both families. Tybalt is now very angry with Mercutio so Mercutio should now talk to Tybalt sarcastically to make Tybalt even angrier. He should be particularly sarcastic delivering the line ‘could you not take some occasion without giving?’ at this point all the Montague’s should start laughing. This is because wherever Tybalt goes he is always picking up fights.Tybalt wouldn’t like this so would move right next to Mercutio and then start to offend him through Romeo ‘Mercutio, thou consort with Romeo’. Tybalt was actually associating Mercutio to Romeo but Mercutio took the other meaning of the word consort, which also means a band playing. Slowly Mercutio would stare Tybalt in the eye and shout ‘consort?’ the music would be loud when he says this as it shows anger. Benvolio is still worried and scared at this point, as he doesn’t want to fight in public. Mercutio would come forward and say ‘I will not budge for no man’s pleasure, I’. Benvolio would be at this moment standing in between them pushing them apart.Romeo would then enter all happily running down the stage wanting to tell his friends the news. Then everything should go silent. Romeo would look up and answer Tybalt. Tybalt would be banging on the table and shout ‘thou art a villain’. Romeo would deliver his lines softly to try calm Tybalt down and comfort him. Tybalt still wants a fight and starts walking over to Mercutio and start pushing him around to wind him up more. As Tybalt and Mercutio start to fight I would use pathetic fallacy so when they fight it starts to thunder and get very dark create a dangerous atmosphere. It should show this by various sound effects.This shows a bad thing is happening and bad emotion as Mercutio dies. When Mercutio is dying there should be soft peaceful music although there is thunder as well. He should be on the floor trying to stop the blood from his wounds and speaking with difficulty. He tells Benvolio that there is nothing that he can do as he is nearly died. Benvolio runs off the set in panic and worry tying to get help. Curtain would now close as Mercutio is died and so they have to get him off the set. In a Shakespearean theatre he would have to walk off, as they didn’t use curtains.Romeo and Benvolio are both upset as they cry and sob over Mercutio’s death. Tybalt returns and Romeo would shout ‘Tybalt take the ‘villain’ back again’ meaning that Tybalt is the villain now for sure. Romeo would walk around the stage confused and frustrated. Then he would say ‘either thou or I, or both must go with him.’ Romeo doesn’t mind dying for killing Tybalt as well. Tybalt would walk over, keep winding Romeo up, and say cheekily ‘thou wretched boy…’Romeo is disgusted by this comment and starts fighting with Tybalt. Even stronger storms and wind should be heard now, as this is the main fight. Benvolio is panicking and knows Romeo is going to be caught if he doesn’t run away. ‘Hence be gone, away!’ by saying this Romeo would run off stage with Benvolio. Music would be lowered and then it would be completely silent leaving Tybalt lying on the floor. The lights and the curtains would close at the end of the scene.

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