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Probation and word are two options to captivity. Many legal power are looking more to probation as an option to captivity and early release through word to cut down the size of the prison population. Probation and word functionaries are at that place to assist wrongdoers return to society and guarantee conformity with the footings of the offenders’ release. What are the primary ends of utilizing community corrections supervising for probation as an option to incarceration? What are the primary ends for word or correctional supervising following release from gaol or prison? Primary ends of probation. There are many ends for utilizing community corrections supervising for probation as an option to captivity ; nevertheless. the chief ends are to cut down the rate of offense. Harmonizing to Families against Mandatory Minimums ( 2013 ) . over 40 % of wrongdoers go forthing prisons will perpetrate another offense and return to prison within three old ages. Understanding the job and acquiring aid for the wrongdoer with prevent new offenses. Other ends are: Strengthening households and the community. nest eggs to taxpayers every bit good as giving the tribunal systems other options for condemning ( Alternatives to Incarceration In A Nutshell. 2013 ) .

Primary ends of word. The primary end of word and correctional supervising is to let persons to re-integrate into society without any troubles. Many times after an person has served adequate clip in prison. the parole board may find that an person may be released. When an person is released they are given the chance to complete functioning their sentencing in the community under controlled conditions ; parole/correctional supervising is portion of the rehabilitation plan. it is a mechanism to pull off the hazard of probationers to the community. and it’s an inducement to go on good behaviour. Rehabilitation and re-integration are the chief focal point to everything. How of import is it for wrongdoers who are no longer incarcerated to hold the ability to work to back up themselves and to back up their households? For many old ages the chief focal point of correctional systems has been the wrongdoers during captivity.

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One major concern now is how the wrongdoer will back up themselves and their households after captivity. When wrongdoers are released from captivity it is really disputing for them to go incorporate within the community and households. Many wrongdoers face personal challenges such as low self-esteem. low motive. skill shortages. deficiency of preparation. mental unwellness. substance maltreatment ; and deficiency of stable adjustments. They besides face societal challenges such as negative equal influence. an absence of household support and hapless employment records ( Visher. 2005 ; Rakis. 2005 ; Graffam. 2004 ) . These challenges can do it hard for ex-offenders to back up themselves or their households. The challenges must be addressed to maintain the wrongdoer from returning to gaol. That is why the system provides alternate plans to guarantee the ex-offenders a better manner to return to society and be productive persons.

Should a convicted wrongdoer released from captivity be eligible for public aid? Should their family–a partner and children–be eligible? Public Assistance. Yes. presently depending upon each province. ex-offenders are eligible for different sorts of public aid. If the aid is already approved it can be because it was decently studied and evaluated. I consider that public aid can be provided on a individual footing with limitations. and be monitored frequently. Ex-offenders should first take part in a rehabilitation plan before they qualify for aid plans. Some ex-offenders deserve a 2nd chance in the community ( Serving Peoples from Arrest to Reintegration. 1999-2004 ) . An offender’s household member should non be punished for the offenses of the wrongdoer. They should be let to have public aid if the meet the makings.


There are many challenges for former inmates returning to society. Re-entry is the primary focal point on parole officer to guarantee that the wrongdoers return to society is a productive 1. It is of import for wrongdoers to hold the appropriate resources in order to obtain the necessary preparation and support upon their release from captivity to be able to back up themselves and their households and go productive members of society.


Options to captivity in a nutshell ( 2013 ) .

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