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Also present the information is a variety of ways as some people understand things and concepts in different ways. For example; Some people understand by hearing or seeing. Before I present any information or ideas I always plan out what I want to say, I often also take out any information that is not necessary. I also use active and personal language like “you’ and ‘we”. Explain ways of making contributions to discussion that help to move them bombard To make conversation move forward, I often learn to listen to people and give importance for everybody’s ideas.

This way can make positive contributions that can lead to further discussion. I also often do not make a contribution to a subject who isn’t positive or may not affect me or my work. Describe methods of active listening In order to perform within LAGS and to develop my skills listening is one the most important skills I should obtain. As it will portray the quality of my relationship with my team and clients. Listening is important as I need to often obtain information from others to learn new things.

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Methods of active listening include: Listening calmly without interrupting, so that I let the other person speak and show them that I care and respect them Asking others to repeat if do not understand anything, in order to avoid mistakes Taking notes of important points, so that I do not forget or miss out on any important points Confirming what I have understood, so that there is no misunderstanding of information Explain the purpose of summarizing verbal communications The purpose of summarizing verbal communication is to identify major mints, behaviors, thoughts and feelings that have been discussed.

I then often collate all the information have collected. By doing this is helps to have a clear precise outline of all communications. Describe ways of getting feedback on communications believe that feedback completes the entire process of communication. Feedback helps us to decide if the communication was effects and useful. I often get feedback from my line manager Scott or often get it from clients on the phone. If any feedback given is to improve on anything often make tote of the feedback and make a working progress for myself to include the suggestion in my work.

Explain the purpose of using feedback to develop communication skills I use feedback for improve my work performance. It helps improve my work ethnic, team work and quality of my work. To help develop communication skills the feedback has to be received and acted upon. Once I have acted upon feedback I always let my line manager Scott know so that he can see am willing to learn and enthusiastic and this may encourage people to offer me feedback in the future.

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