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‘This land was made for you and me,’ a theme that was made at the beginning of the documentary Glands and carried throughout the film as an underlying truth, this land was made for you and me. ‘ Setting the tone for an understanding that has been lost and exploited about hydraulic fracturing or better known as franking. The rest of the documentary shed light on this overwhelming base of corrupt environmental exploitation for the purpose of large gas and oil corporations making an easy buck by drilling in the skyward of many citizens, and ultimately contaminating their water and more so their lives.

Fox exclaims that “water is the source for all life, you need water for life. ” This is a powerful spirit that fills his history and charge in which to investigate the franking industry further. This documentary examines the ways in which franking has entered and ruined individuals lives across the country. The clean water act had from the early ass’s been protecting us from this kind of chemical disruption but now that protection as been compromised, and peoples lives have as well.

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In one of Josh Fox’s many interviews one woman poignantly summarized the effect of this money driven exploitation of our earths resources by saying “A part of who you are is being destroyed by the actions of others for selfish purposes. ” This overarching idea here is swept through the greed that has overtaken a just and right point of action for obtaining natural resources in a clean and environmentally sound manner. In another interview a woman who wanted o remain anonymous stated, “A dollar bill can not bring back what they have done. There is a relevance here that delves deep into the heart of operation for major corporations and their money driven actions. Our earth is all we have. Our soil is our earth’s natural blanket giving life the ability to bloom and grow the way it was intended, naturally. The way in which these corporations have put literal holes in our earth’s source of life has done irrevocable damage to the balance of our natural world. Towards the end of the film Fox says, “how much water could you replace? Our earth has an abundance of water, our earth is made from oceans and rivers and streams. But if we continue down the path of compromising our source of life, water, life will have a dramatic turn all in the name of dollars and cents. This documentary opened my eyes to the already known issue of franking but furthered by knowledge of the widespread damage it has caused many individuals and their lives. This documentary has an important message calling to action the latent observer to the destruction of our ‘life source. ‘

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