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Christmas is a special time of the year to everyone, whether it is a single mother celebrating her first Christmas with her young one, or a retired pensioner enjoying a great festival in a retirement home. But to me Christmas is more than presents and turkey, it is a momentous occasion of which cannot be beaten, no matter how much money, time or alcohol is put into creating an occasion, the spirit of Christmas will always be much stronger in heart.To say that Christmas is not such a good time of year I believe is an unjustified explanation. Christmas is a very broad word. What does Christmas perhaps means to you? Well, it may mean a totally different time to one person than it does to another. Depending on a persons beliefs, religion, culture and society, Christmas is a very unspecific word. To Christians, Christmas is a time of remembering the true story and the true side of Christmas, for what happened on the 25th of December all those years ago. For people like me Christmas is a time when you can make a fresh start and realize that family is most precious and important and that money can not buy a memorable time with the people you love most.Christmas is everything to me. From opening presents to sending cards, it is quite interesting to realise that every small insignificant part of Christmas is what makes it such a great time for me, and I think that is something we are all taught that it’s the small things that make life. A few of my favorite things about Christmas are sitting with family in front of a warm coal fire eating biscuits and drinking tea eagerly awaiting Christmas day. Another thing I love about Christmas, is advent. Like Christmas, advent is also a Christian holiday. Unlike a traditional Christian advent calendar, I go for the ones with the chocolate in each window like most other teenagers!Christmas is all about imagery I undoubtedly feel. Imagery is a powerful mind tool that we all possess, with imagery we can picture ourselves in a beautiful scene or tragic situation and feel as If we really are there at that moment. It is a sensuous tool and Christmas, I believe is well associated with it.Sometimes I wonder what life would be like without Christmas. No matter if family met on the most perfect occasion with the best line up of food and fun, I still do not believe it would compare to my emotional experience of Christmas in reality.I often think of myself as a very emotional and sensuous person. I can remember thanking God on Christmas Eve for all of what he has done this year to make me feel special, not that I am theist at all. I strongly have faith however in the spirit of Christmas and that there never will be a bad Christmas when something will be missing. Or someone will not be there to celebrate the season with my family as each year after weeks of paranoia, the spirit is always there to kindly reassure me.Whatever peoples opinions are of the true story of Christmas I feel that everyone has feelings and at Christmas I feel we all learn to appreciate and realise how lucky each of us are to have such loving relatives and beautiful surroundings.We all love to give and receive presents at Christmas, including myself. Every year I make it tradition for me to write a Christmas list of my most top picks for what I would like to receive. Each year I worry that my parents might not know what things I might want and that I would not have what I want. I can understand that some people may think that sounds very selfish but I think that every child deserves what he/she truly wants for Christmas and that tradition comes first.The problem with society today is that every thing is valued under cash. People may argue that Christmas is a waste of money that it is just advertised so that companies can make billions of pounds in profit from selling products that are appealing to people at Christmas and I would agree to this. But however I feel that Christmas cannot be valued with money, only through sheer feeling and emotion that comes from inside and that means that a Christmas could cost any amount whether it small or big and yet still mean everything to one person.My opinion of Christmas has been thoroughly discussed through this document and I still strongly feel that Christmas is an unstoppable wonderful time of the year that cannot be compared or valued and I just cant wait for this Christmas!

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