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China is the third largest country in the world with a massive population of 1.3 billion and rising; a sixth of the worlds population. It is currently ruled by the communist party. It is one of the most diverse countries with its different range of terrain. In my report I am going to analyse and infer about the impacts of China developing environmentally. As it does have its positives it also brings negatives. I’m going to show how China has become one the richest countries in resources and financially.Even though China is a big country; its population isn’t as spread out as it should. In China more people live in the towns and cities which are situated in the east and south of China. Cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Chongqing have the densest population. The west is mostly countryside or mountain and therefore you can’t build cities on the land. Because of the dense population in China, there is more competition for jobs which means more factories are going to build and cities are going to expand. Creating more factories will increase more carbon dioxide into the air; contaminating China.China is one of the biggest trade markets in the world with exports such as: laptops, computers and televisions. And imports such as: beans, aluminium and paper waste and laptop accessories. Because China exports High Order Goods and Low Order Goods means it has a high bank balance and raises the economy which basically infers that China will probably not be in debt.Because of the pollution from the factories and mining, it has left China’s farm fields toxic. Nothing can grow and has left crops dry and breathing hard. 400,000 people a year die prematurely of lung disease in China. And thanks to bad air, China has 16 of the top 20 polluted cities. This means that crops will not be able to grow and there will be food shortages. Framers won’t be able to get money and can’t eat and die. So if China decreases their factories, carbon dioxide will decrease and farmers will be able to grow their crops.There are many reasons to why people want to move to the cities from the countryside; mainly the young people. The city offers a lot of jobs and provides much better education for a better future. Also it is more modernized and people generally want to live in modern houses. Also the city life is glamorized to be fun and exciting and a great place to live. Also there is leisure and entertainment which is not available to people in the countryside for example: cinemas, nightclubs, restaurants and shopping centers. A positive impact is that it will give more people to experience having a better life. Cities will expand and create more money. However if cities expand, who will be living in the countryside? The countryside is already sparsely populated and food will not be enough. Also if more people are moving to the cities there would be more competition for jobs. More jobs will have to be created and more factories will have to be created which means more pollution in the air.In conclusion I believe that even though China is one of the richest countries it also has its major gap between rich society and poor society and its need to work on that. Instead of building new cities in the east and south it should focus on the countryside and see if it could make the farming more enjoyable to live and the quality of life for people higher. Also China is becoming more contaminated of fossil fuels and they need to cut down on this otherwise they will be responsible for many deaths.

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