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According to the World Bank 1 6 of the world’s 20 cities with the worst air are in China. According to Chinese government sources, bout a fifth of urban Chinese breath heavily polluted air. Many places smell like high-sulfur coal and leaded gasoline. Only a third Of the 340 Chinese cities that are monitored meet China’s own pollution standards. There are some many season why Beijing is so polluted, but the economic growth is definitely the main reason.

Fig. 2 The economic growth and environmental pollution data Fig. 2 shows the most increased pollution resource is waste gas. Like 61 years ago’ London, China only reply on and economic indexes and GAP growth to judge the success of the country, they are proud of their whiney emission dense smoke. During the high speed economic development, the government is always lack their attention on environment, but only see the benefit of economic growth.

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The control of the air pollution levels has been one of the most challenging issues in the environmental policy of developed countries over decades. (Francisco Olivarez, Gustavo A. Marrow and Luis A. Push, 2004). Conclusion: Government need to act immediately before the pollution is totally out of control. Government should aware the truth is if let environment keep going down, resident’s health under threat. But ifs never too late to start. All the society constitute are individual people.

Theses why people have to approve their policies if the government present one. Buy smart, encourage people buy energy star product, that will including energy efficient appliances and lighting. They are all environmentally friendly products, so they will produce less waste gas. Government should give common people one attractive discount to attract people buy energy star product, or give the energy star company tax discount, so the company can lower cost, and lower their selling rice to get better sales volume, and then maximum the profit.

Second, “pollution not cost-free”, As the information shows, currently in China, the maximum find for surpassing emission standards is less than $15,000. It give the company have “good reason” to surpassing emission. Government need to increase the find for surpassing emission immediately, let the company aware when they break the law to surpassing emission the pollution, they have to pay the price. Government should increase more people to monitor all the company which have chance to surpassing emission.

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