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To measure the cognition and attitude of Pakistani physicians towards child sexual maltreatment, a specially designed questionnaire was administered to 157 General Physicians. This questionnaire rated the cognition of physicians on a point-scale system. It assessed the cognition of physicians sing possible presentations of victims of maltreatment, the immediate stairss to follow, scrutiny for sexually transmitted disease and supplying necessary guidance to the victims. A part of the questionnaire asked the respondents for their positions.

The qualitative analysis of the signifiers was based on the remarks of the respondents.Out of the 157 physicians, 83 % thought that they were unprepared to manage instances of child sexual maltreatment ; 64 % agreed that wellness professionals frequently do non take maltreatment as earnestly and every bit sensitively as is due for it ; 91 % agreed that they may hold missed certain instances of maltreatment due to miss of preparation ; and 59 % showed their willingness to go to any workshops or seminars which may assist them in managing such instances. 89 % of the physicians scored below 12 out of 25 on the point mark system.The consequences of this survey indicate that the Pakistani physicians are unprepared to manage the instances of child sexual maltreatment. This warrants accent on the preparation sing managing such instances during the instruction of physicians.

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The cognition, accomplishment and attitude of managing such instances should be integrated in the course of study of medical and nursing schools from undergraduate degree. In add-on, go oning medical instruction should be used to better fit the physicians with the necessary cognition.Cardinal Wordss: Child sexual maltreatment, Knowledge of professionals, psychopathology, paediatricss, adolescent medical specialty.

Child sexual maltreatment: Knowledge, Skills and Attitude of Pakistani wellness professionals.


Child sexual maltreatment ( CSA ) is referred to as the interactions between a kid ( Age less than 18 old ages ) and an grownup ( 5 twelvemonth older than that kid ) when the kid is being used for sexual stimulation of the culprit or another individual when the culprit or another individual is in a place of power or control over the victim [ 1 ] . It is practiced across all age groups, sexes, dramatis personaes, societies, instruction and socioeconomic degrees. Harmonizing to a study by a local non authorities organisation ( NGO ) working in Pakistan, 2012 instances of CSA were recorded in Pakistan during the twelvemonth 2009 ; about 3 kids being raped per twenty-four hours [ 2 ] .

These Numberss are assumed to be far below normal because CSA in Pakistan goes unreported in many instances due to dishonor and fright of being dishonored. These Numberss have increased by 9 % as compared to the old twelvemonth [ 2 ] . The celerity, with which the figure of CSA instances is increasing validates that the wellness professionals, forensic specializers, jurisprudence enforcement bureaus, kid support services, societal public assistance, authorities and non-government organisations should fall in custodies to handle the CSA victims and forestall farther instances.

Pakistan has been turning a blind oculus to the threat of CSA ; this has rendered the attempts of assorted organisations to educate people sing this affair for effectual bar useless. Even the wellness professionals have non been decently trained sing the right diagnosing, monitoring, intervention and follow up of CSA victims [ 3 ] . Health professionals with specialised preparation in sexual maltreatment are non present in Pakistan and alternatively of the multidisciplinary attack used to handle CSA victims in medically advanced states ; in Pakistan such instances are sent to the societal public assistance organisations.The aims of this survey were to happen the cognition, attitude and pattern ( KAP ) of the general practicians sing kid maltreatment. It besides focused on the possible impact of experience and gender of the general practicians on their KAP sing kid maltreatment.


This cross sectional survey was conducted from November to December 2010, in the Pakistani metropoliss of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and Kharian. Convenient trying technique was applied utilizing a structured questionnaire in English, dwelling of ___questions with options of either agree or disagree or non certain. Few inquiries refering to demographics and kid maltreatment were besides included.

Those who consented for make fulling were given ample clip to make full the questionnaire under supervising. A sample size of 77 was calculated by utilizing Open Epi Info Calculator and taking the survey of Ben Yehuda Y etal as the mention and maintaining CI at 95 % . SPSS, version 15.0 was used to analyse the informations by demoing the consequences in footings of agencies and per centums and chai square and T trials were applied depending on the information type. P value was considered to be important at & A ; lt ; 0.05.

The ethical blessing for this survey was taken from the local ethical commission at Shifa College of Medicine. The writers unwrap no struggle of involvements.


The questionnaires were so analyzed for the consequences. 40 % of the people claimed they had ne’er seen a instance of CSA ; which is dismaying because of its high incidence in Pakistan. However, most of these people considered it possible that they might hold missed some instances of CSA and regarded deficiency of preparation as the ground behind it. 51 % of the people said that they had seen some instances of CSA and may still hold missed some more instances. 9 % of the people, nevertheless, said that they had ne’er seen any instances of CSA and did non see it possible that they might hold missed any instances. These people were by and large from those countries of Pakistan where the studies of incidences of CSA are low.

When asked to give an estimation of the prevalence of maltreatment, harmonizing to them, most estimated far below the normal statistics of 2012 kids [ 2 ] ; 64 % said less than 500, 28 % said between 500 and 1000, and 8 % said between 1000 and 1500. This was unexpected as under ideal conditions, wellness practicians should hold a clear thought about the statistics since they come into contact with these instances everyday.Sing the fact that physicians have been undervaluing this state of affairs, it can be inferred that they will non be willing to larn about its direction.

After being informed of the statistics, when asked whether they, as wellness professionals felt they were responsible for the direction of CSA victims, 97 % of them agreed, nevertheless 3 % of them disagreed.79 % of the physicians agreed to the statement that most of the physicians in Pakistan refer CSA instances straight to the societal public assistance organisations without sing any signifier of intervention for them. Although antecedently these people had agreed that they felt responsible for direction of CSA victims ; most of them due to the deficiency of cognition that CSA victims may besides endure from certain medical unwellnesss or due to the deficiency of preparation are unable to make much. 93 % of the people besides agreed that specializers and specialised establishments for the direction of CSA instances are earnestly missing in Pakistan. The same figure of people besides agreed that such specialisation in this field should be introduced in Pakistan.83 % people agreed that whenever a patient presents with self-mutilation or self-destruction effort, CSA should be considered during the differential diagnosing ; 16 % people said that although it should be the instance but under some fortunes it becomes impractical ; nevertheless one individual disagreed wholly.

83 % people thought that they were unprepared to manage such instances ; they besides said that undergraduate medical and nursing pupils should be trained for such instances as a portion of their course of study. 11 % people said that although they were unprepared, the preparation for such instances should be imparted at postgraduate degree. An extra 3 % were of the position that experience itself is the best manner to larn and that add-on of this cognition and accomplishment at any degree will non profit significantly.

3 % people nevertheless, thought that they are to the full prepared and that add-on of this cognition or accomplishment would non take to any important benefit.When asked whether wellness professionals treated the CSA victims with the due sensitiveness and earnestness as is due for it ; 64 % people said that the wellness professionals did non, and 36 % people said that they did.Out of the 118 people, 59 % showed their willingness to go to any workshops or seminars on direction of CSA victims. 23 % of the people said that they would prefer to acquire their information from text or ocular stuff instead than workshops or seminars. 11 % claimed that although they needed developing sing CSA but as the figure of instances seen by them was excessively little so they would non prefer to acquire trained for them. 7 % of them said that they did non necessitate preparation in any signifier.

For the last inquiry, when they were asked to propose some betterments that could be made in the wellness sector to better the attention of CSA patients, they suggested the debut of proper preparation faculties for CSA at undergraduate degrees and preparation Sessionss including seminars, workshops and conferences at postgraduate degree. They besides suggested presenting this field as a separate forte in Pakistan every bit good as puting up of specialised clinics for them. They besides suggested that whenever a instance of CSA is suspected, a multi-disciplinary attack should be used ; nevertheless they besides noted that such a phase will be far from present sing the state of affairs of Pakistani wellness system sing CSA patients.

Correlation with age and sex

The age scope of the topics was between 32 and 64. There was a general form in questionnaires observed to be associated with the age ; the more senior professionals seen to be relatively more loath to accept CSA as a job. This may be due to the fact that the old coevals in Pakistan was brought up in a more reserved and conservative environment than today & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s coevals.

18 % of the people who were unwilling to have any kind of preparation sing this affair were all above 53 old ages of age. Similarly 24 of the 36 people who said that physicians are handling CSA victims with sufficient sensitiveness and earnestness were above 50 old ages of age ; so were the 9 % people who said that they had ne’er seen any instances of CSA but did non see it possible that they might hold missed some instances.It was besides seen that contrary to the popular belief, males were more allergic towards this issue ; out of the 59 people who showed their willingness to go to workshops and seminars for the preparation of direction of CSA patients, 43 % were males and merely 16 % were females.

Similarly, 42 % out of the 64 % people who said that wellness professionals should handle victims of CSA with greater sensitiveness and earnestness were males.


Health professionals are normally the first professionals who encounter victims of CSA ; therefore they are of import resources in placing and describing it. Although some people argue that CSA is a societal job and does non fall in the medical sphere but the victims of maltreatment have been known to endure from many medical upsets such as depression, [ 4 ] post-traumatic emphasis upset, [ 5 ] anxiousness, [ 6 ] sexually transmitted and other diseases, so it is merely just that the medical community besides plays. In this survey we found that the physicians are non as well-prepared to manage the physical, psychological and emotional injury of CSA victims as the state of affairs demands.

In a state like Pakistan where people do non openly discourse issues such as child sexual maltreatment, it is even more of import for wellness professionals to instantly acknowledge CSA and so ease the victims to come frontward and speak about their feelings, even when the kid is still afraid to speak about it to his parents or relations. This job has long since been ignored by the general populace every bit good as the media and authorities ; as people start to see that CSA has existed as a job in our society for quiet some clip now, the wellness professionals should besides fall in custodies with the authorities and other organisations to command this offense. Merely two organisations in Pakistan are presently working against CSA. Since specializer physicians in direction and intervention of CSA victims are non available in Pakistan ; CSA victims normally present to general physicians. This demands that every wellness professional should hold a basic thought of how to manage a instance of CSA, whether the victim nowadayss for reding or is by the way diagnosed during a regular medical cheque up.The diagnosing of CSA is normally based upon the description of maltreatment by the kid. Police is informed every bit shortly as possible unless under particular fortunes.

Care is normally taken that the kid is non interviewed repeatedly by different organisations ; Police, Health professionals and representatives of societal public assistance organisations normally conduct a combined interview or obtain information from each other. In certain instances CSA may be suspected on the footing of other symptoms such as depression or self-destructive inclinations. Physical scrutiny is normally conducted whenever CSA is suspected ; the ends of the physical scrutiny being to place abnormalcies that warrant farther diagnostic attempts or intervention, to obtain specimens to test the patient for sexually transmitted infections, and to do observations and take specimens that may confirm the patient ‘s history of victimization. [ 7 ]Summit & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s description of adjustment syndrome [ 8 ] explains the most typical reactions of CSA victims. This syndrome helps explicate the hinderance to revelation, it has five constituents: secretiveness, weakness, entrapment and adjustment, delayed and flimsy revelation, and abjuration. The maltreater and victim are the lone 1s aware of the maltreatment and the maltreater convinces the victim to keep secretiveness ; kids, being obedient to grownups, normally obey the culprit. Once the kid is impotently entrenched in the opprobrious state of affairs, he or she assumes duty for the maltreatment and begins to disassociate from it. It takes the victim clip to describe the maltreatment and when they later do so, it is questioned and so the victims may abjure their revelations of maltreatment after confronting incredulity and deficiency of support.

Parents of the victims normally do non wish to believe that person they have trusted may hold abused the kid, sometimes due to the fact that grownups are normally more convincing than kids and at other times due to their ain feelings of guilt. As wellness professionals, it is of import non merely to acknowledge CSA in all its signifiers and so handle the victim consequently but besides to assist the victim in unwraping the maltreatment to their parents every bit good as the governments and so back uping the victim throughout and after the revelation.A survey conducted in America in 1987 had the same decision ; doctors needed to better their cognition sing the diagnosing of sexual maltreatment. The writers expressed their concerns over the limited cognition of the doctors sing the societal and medical facets of sexual maltreatment.

More than two decennaries subsequently, Pakistani doctors are still standing on the same place, holding limited cognition sing maltreatment and still losing instances of CSA. [ 9 ] A local survey [ 10 ] conducted in Pakistan researching the features of childhood sexual maltreatment among psychiatric patients reported perennial terrible depression ( 30.31 % ) , phobic anxiousness upset ( 6.05 % ) , obsessional compulsive upset ( 6.07 % ) , transition upset ( 12.14 % ) , somatization/ hypochondriacal upset ( 6.04 % ) , sexual disfunction ( 3.

05 % ) and substance dependance ( 21.20 % ) . Although the patients showing to the clinics with any of these upsets are treated symptomatically, the differential diagnosing of childhood sexual maltreatment experience is normally neglected in Pakistan. It is said that the kids showing with CSA represent merely the tip of the iceberg ; most victims taking to conceal their experience and so showing old ages subsequently with depression or post-traumatic emphasis upset.

A US survey [ 11 ] performed in 2009 concluded that occupants and doctors are non well-trained in managing instances of child sexual maltreatment. This survey besides showed that the occupants who performed good on their studies were from those plans which had doctors, managers or squads specialized in managing instances of CSA. As none of these is present in any residence plan in Pakistan, the effect is that doctors and occupants are ill trained in this country. An Australian survey [ 12 ] conducted in 1997 had similar consequences ; doctors are in demand of go oning medical instruction for the proper direction of instances of CSA. Similar surveies conducted throughout the universe have led to the decision that doctors and wellness professionals everyplace need to be trained more than the preparation they presently receive sing handling of CSA victims. In Pakistan nevertheless, due to the extra disadvantage of being s conservative and reserved state, where people are ashamed of discoursing issues like CSA, particular steps need to be taken.


A survey measuring the cognition, accomplishments and attitude of wellness professionals towards child sexual maltreatment had ne’er been conducted in Pakistan.

Although it was common cognition that wellness professionals in Pakistan are non paying the due attending to mistreat but precisely how blue the status is, was ne’er investigated. More probes are needed to measure farther as to what facets of the intervention of CSA victims being given by the doctors and nurses need to be improved. This survey has shown that Pakistani wellness professionals still have a long manner to travel before they can pull off the CSA victims decently. The function of wellness professionals is of import because it may unknot new instances of victims which have antecedently non been disclosed. It may besides assist give kids, who are still being abused, to come frontward and unwrap their maltreatment. To bring forth professionals playing such functions in Pakistan, the preparation should get down from undergraduate degree where this preparation can be incorporated into the faculties of the course of study.

In add-on, conferences and seminars should besides be arranged for graduate students. Media can besides assist educate the wellness professionals every bit good as the general populace on how to place a victim and assist the victim to unwrap the maltreatment. Particular clinics may besides be constructed so that the victims know that there are people who can assist them. To counter child sexual maltreatment would necessitate that jurisprudence enforcement bureaus, societal public assistance organisations and wellness professionals to work together to assist these victims. The wellness professionals in Pakistan have been pretermiting their responsibility towards this cause ; it is clip that they excessively work towards the improvement of these victims and bar of farther kid maltreatments.

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