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One of the worst industrial catastrophe in history is the Bhopal Gas Tragedy which took topographic point around one o’clock at dark on Monday the 3rd of December. 1984. This calamity occurred due to the inadvertent release of a toxicant vapour from the Union Carbide pesticide works now known as Eveready Industries India Limited. This works is situated in the bosom of Bhopal in the province of Madhya Pradesh. This toxicant vapour was a really extremely toxic cloud of Methyl isocyanate.

A keeping armored combat vehicle which stored this MIC overheated and due to it. it released the toxic exhausts which rolled along the land into the bordering streets killing 1000s of people. Around 800. 000 people were populating in Bhopal at that clip and 2. 000 died instantly. around 300. 000 were injured and around 7. 000 animate beings were killed or injured. Later the figure of people who died was placed at 150. 000.

This incident we now refer to as the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. which has besides been called “Hiroshima of the Chemical Industry” one of the worst commercial industrial catastrophes in history. ( Cohen ) Pulmonary hydrops was diagnosed in most instances. but cough. chest hurting. eyelid hydrops. unconsciousness were many of the complaints suffered by the people. Many suffered cardiac apprehension and lung hurt. Due to the hypothesized reactions that occurred within the storage armored combat vehicle every bit good as the environing atmosphere. it was thought that besides MIC other toxicant gases like H nitrile and phosgene might hold played a important function. though the company ne’er provided any information on the exact chemical mixture.

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It is through the blood and entrails of some victims which showed the reddish colour that nitrile toxic condition was suspected. “A series of surveies made five old ages subsequently showed that many of the subsisters were still enduring from one or several of the undermentioned complaints: partial or complete sightlessness. GI upsets. impaired immune systems. station traumatic emphasis upsets. and catamenial jobs in adult females. A rise in self-generated abortions. spontaneous abortions. and offspring with familial defects was besides noted. ” ( The Bhopal Disaster ) . Let us research how this calamity took topographic point.

The Union Carbide works which was established in 1969 expanded in 1979 in order to bring forth carbayl. MIC is an intermediate in carbaryl. Harmonizing to the post-accident analysis of the catastrophe. it was stated that the accident started when a armored combat vehicle which contained methyl isocyanate ( MIC ) leaked. MIC being a extremely reactive chemical is used in the production of the insecticide carbaryl. Water entered this armored combat vehicle which contained about 400 three-dimensional metres of MIC. When MIC mixed with H2O an exothermal chemical reaction took topographic point which produced a batch of heat ( over 200 degree C ) .

This resulted in the bursting of the safety valve of the armored combat vehicle due to the addition in force per unit area. The explosion was so intensive that even the concrete around the armored combat vehicle broke and 20-30 tones of MIC were released in that one hr when the leak took topographic point. This gas leak took topographic point from a 30m high chimney. but this tallness was non plenty to cut down the consequence of the discharge. The high wet content in the discharge while vaporizing gave rise to a heavy gas which sank quickly to the land. Besides the air current was weak and it changed its way often which helped the gas screen more country in a short clip.

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