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The instance has been referred to the School societal work unit in St. Peter Secondary School by the category instructor of F.1 category. Harmonizing to the instructor, she said she had noticed that one of her pupils, named Judy Cheung, 13 old ages old female, avoided fall ining group activities in the category. She reported that she besides noticed Judy cried all of a sudden in the category sometimes. As she talked with her, she began to recognize that Judy was invariably bullied by her schoolmates since she admitted to the school. Judy besides complained that her properties were destroyed and hit by her category couples in the school.

For better apprehension of the instance, the societal worker had conducted four personal interview Sessionss with Judy. The purpose was to roll up basic information of the instance and to research Judy ‘s perceptual experiences and feelings towards her personal, household and societal environment so as to happen out the underlying job and put intercession end together with her.

Brief Social History of the client

Based on the personal interviews with Judy, the worker had gathered the undermentioned information about the client.

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Genogram/family background and relationship

The client came from a individual parent household where her parents were divorced since she was in primary school. She has an senior brother, Andy Cheung who is 15 old ages old, F.2 pupil and they live together with the female parent. They do non hold contact with the male parent who lives in mainland China. Her female parent, Madam Wong who is 44 old ages old works as a cleansing agent and she is the chief incomer of the household back uping the two kids with their instruction and family disbursals. Judy and her brother are non in the same school.

The genogram of Judy ‘s household

Emotional Condition of the client

The worker found out during the interview Sessionss that Judy was depressed. She stated that she was non making good with her school lessons and she was neither as clever nor utile as her brother and she felt that she is incapable.

Populating Condition

The household of Judy lives in a public lodging flat.

Fiscal status

It is the worker ‘s feeling that the income earned by the female parent is merely plenty for the household. The household has no fiscal support from the male parent.


Judy is analyzing F.1 at St. Peter secondary school.

History of violence/abuse

There is no serious instance of force or maltreatment but she had been invariably bullied by the male childs in category. She was hit and her properties were destroyed sometimes.

Supportive web

Judy mentioned that she had a few friends at the old school she attended but she does non hold any at the current school. She does non desire to discourse her jobs of being bullied with her female parent since she is really busy that she does non desire her female parent to be bothered. At the same clip, she told the worker that although she reported to the instructor about the issue, those who bullied her did non halt intimidation and she does non believe it is a good thought to describe the instructor. It seems that she has no supportive web about to assist her header with the jobs she has been confronting.

Coping strengths

The worker assessed that she does non cognize how to get by with the issue except shouting since describing to the instructor did non assist her to get by with it.

Case Assessment

Core issues referred by the school instructor

a ) Avoid fall ining group activities in the category

B ) Cry all of a sudden in the category sometimes

degree Celsius ) Constantly bullied, properties are destroyed and hit by schoolmates

Worker ‘s perceptual experience of the nucleus issues

The worker identified based on the personal interviews conducted that

a ) The client lacks self assurance and ego esteem

Since she stated that she was non making good at school and she is non every bit clever as her brother.

B ) The belief of the client that there is cipher who cares and understand her

The client mentioned that speaking with other people ( eg. Teacher and household ) would assist and they would non listen to her nor understand her.

Analysis of the job

The worker analysis the job based on the Cognitive-Behavioral Theory where the self-defeating belief of the client that she is non every bit capable as others and that there is no 1 who can help/understand her. Those beliefs of the client had led her to emotional and behavioural effects that block her to be a confident and capable miss ( Corey, 2005 ) .

Case conceptualisation

The worker conceptualized the instance harmonizing to A-B-C theory of personality using the Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy ( REBT ) theory of pattern ( Corey, 2005 ) .

A ( triping event ) B ( belief ) C ( emotional and behavioural effects )

D ( challenging intercession ) E ( consequence ) F ( new feelings )

In this instance, the worker conceptualized that the irrational beliefs of the client that she is bullied and maltreated because there is no 1 who understands her and that she is incapable is forcing her to be depressed and to be off from the societal environment at school.

The worker strongly believes that one time the client can observe what her irrational beliefs are, the client could be helped with the challenging intercessions to debate her dysfunctional beliefs by herself to work out the job and to be a confident miss.

Strengths and chances

The worker had identified the undermentioned strengths and chances of the client during the interview Sessionss:



– Good friends ( societal life ) at primary school

– Helping her female parent with family jobs — — Very considerate and strong fondness to her female parent

– Surveies hard with school work even tight agenda with family jobs

– strong willingness to alter to be a confident miss

– Class instructor of the client is concerned about her and willing to assist.

– Her female parent would listen to her if she expresses her feeling

Intervention program

The end of the intercession program is to assist the client:

a ) To place the irrational belief

B ) To debate so know apart these irrational beliefs by herself

degree Celsius ) To assist the client to construct self assurance and ego esteem

degree Celsius ) To assist the client socialize and take part in school activities

Immediate program

– Ask the client to make assignment so that she can place and get by with her irrational beliefs

– Assignment such as “ Feeling List ” would be given so as to do the client aware of her ain

emotional status and the advancement ( Bradford, 2006 ) .

– Encourage the client to construct up self assurance and ego regard by delegating her to place the

specific conditions and fortunes under which she feels positive and deserving about herself

( Bradford, 2006 ) .

– Promote the client ‘s resiliency by assisting her to detect her ain strengths to get the better of all the

adversities ( Egan, 2007 ) .

– Discus with the instructor how to supply psychosocial support to the client

Long term program

– To put up a good societal support for the client: to prosecute the school environment, household

members in the assisting procedure ( Egan, 2007 ) .

– Discus with the category instructor for forming schoolroom activities where the client would be

able to actively take part and appreciate her ain strengths.

Recommendations for follow up

– To hold another instance session to put up an agreed intercession program with the client and to

promote the client do the assignments.

– Appraisal on the school environment sing the bulling issues might assist

– Discussion with the household and the school to prosecute in the assisting procedure

Part II

Self Evaluation

The worker had applied different types of communicating and assisting accomplishments during the interview Sessionss with the client.

The accomplishments used and the effectivity

– Warm salutation before get downing the interview

– Engaging with the client/rapport edifice

It is a manner to allow the client feel comfy with the interview session. The client was more willing to speak freely after prosecuting with some general conversation at the beginning of the session.

– Asking the apprehension of the client about being referred by the category instructor

– Confirmation of whether the client is willing to speak to the worker

– Asking outlook of the client and inform about the interview session

– Explaining the chief intent of the interview that she would be helped through the procedure

It helped the client see clearly what the worker will be making with her so that she can experience free to speak to me about her jobs.

– Express understanding towards the clients through basic go toing accomplishments such as faced the client forthrightly, adopted the unfastened position, leaned towards the client, maintained good oculus contact and relaxed while interacting with the client ( Egan, 2007 ) .

In these ways of basic go toing accomplishments, I expressed empathic attention, understanding and willingness to assist. It helped the client to be willing in showing her feelings and jobs.

– Exploitation verbal and non-verbal go toing accomplishments such as oculus contact with the client, facial look, and minimum encouragers ( Egan, 2007 ) .

It encouraged the client to be more willing to speak. It besides showed that I was listening to the client carefully. I used follow up inquiries like open-ended inquiries to corroborate what the client had said so that there would non be any misinterpretations.

– Clarifying and verifying what the client had told the worker

I clarified/verified what the client had told me by utilizing phrases like “ it appears to me that… ” and inquiries like “ oh you want to… is that what are stating? ” It helped to know apart the misinterpretation and confusion that can happen if I did non clear up or verify what the client had told and if I interpret in my ain perceptual experience.

– Paraphrasing and Sum uping

It was effectual in a sense that I could show my understanding about the client and that I had been listening carefully and happening a manner to assist the client.

– Exploitation of unfastened inquiries and miracle inquiry

I used unfastened inquiries to research what the client had said for better apprehension. Furthermore, I besides asked the client ‘s perceptual experience on job resolution by inquiring “ What do you believe you can make to halt the bully? ” Although it did non assist the client solve the job wholly, it helped the client think about what she could make to get by with the job.

I besides used the inquiries to research the client ‘s wants and ends by inquiring “ How do you desire your schoolmates to handle you? ” “ What sort of state of affairs do you desire? ” and “ What if… ? ” By inquiring these inquiries, the client voiced out what she wants and what she wants to be like which can ensue in end scene.

Strengths and failings in the intercession

During the intercession procedure, I evaluate the strengths of mine that I had a reasonably good battle with the client using basic communicating and assisting accomplishments. The usage of appropriate inquiring and clear uping worked to place the job and in observing what the client wants and demands.

As failings, I needed to better more on resonance edifice to derive the trust of the client. More pattern on follow up inquiries and prima inquiries so as to do the client more articulating to unwrap her jobs.

In reflecting my acquisition, this pattern session helped me a batch to construct up my accomplishments needed in societal work pattern. Furthermore, I have learned a batch about the effectivity of the accomplishments and what more could hold been done to hike up my accomplishments to be a good professional. The category treatment and feedback from the category made me see myself clearly about the strengths and suites for betterment.

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